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Mastabol 100, British Dragon

Mastabol 100
Producer: British Dragon
Model: drostanolone propionate 100 mg/1 ml
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10 ampoules
60 $

About the drug

Mastabol 100 is the best grug for all athletes who want to reach the maximum professional heights or improve the already available indicators, periodically take courses of modern steroids. The main thing is to choose the right drug that will be able to give you all the effects you need, to get a quality and original remedy from a trusted manufacturer. This drug, the active ingredient of which is drostanolone dipropionate, is characterized by potent androgenic qualities against a background of moderate anabolic activity. The active component of the agent is a derivative of a strong androgen, dihydrotestosterone. The steroid enables bodybuilders, bodybuilders and other athletes to effectively burn fat, get a dense relief, increase muscle, become stronger and more enduring.

Working and Positive Effects

The price of Mastabol 100 to some athletes seems high. But the quality of the product and the manufacturer's stated effects are worth it. These include increasing the degree of hardness and relief of the muscles, burning fat cells to 7% (which allows you to get the maximum dry and dense muscles), increasing the indices of physical strength and endurance - both pro and new. Also on the course of the steroid, there is a suppression of catabolic processes, there is a moderate diuretic effect. The athlete not only feels much better, he is ready to conquer new peaks and understands why he does it. Between trainings it is possible to restore forces faster and be ready to conduct new effective trainings.

The effects are observed when properly used are as follows:

  • Increased muscular density;
  • Reduction of fatty layer;
  • Increase of power indicators.

Buy Mastabol 100 online and make the first step to your future perfect body!

Dosage and Expected Result

The course of Mastabol 100 solo in order to conduct high-quality drying, improve the condition of the relief and ensure the safety of the muscular system, should last at least 4 weeks. If it is planned to specifically build a solid musculature, then individually the duration of the course can be up to 10 weeks. In this case, do not wait for a quick result. But the musculature obtained at the output will be more stable and qualitative. The average working dosage, not capable of harming the body, is 400 mg per week. The drug should be stained once every 2 days. It is best to inject it into the gluteus muscle. As for the characteristics of taking a steroid by swimmers, athletes, representatives of combat sports, they will have 200 mg per week.

Combined "mass-assembly" courses of a steroid with such preparations, as Turinabol, Danabol, Sustanon, Nandrolon have perfectly proved themselves. If the athlete wants to conduct an effective drying, experts advise using Mastabol in conjunction with Winstrol and Stanozolol. Even with a short (4 weeks) course of solo, it is recommended to conduct PCT after steroid withdrawal. Using for these purposes, known to all athletes Clomid, you can quickly bring back to normal hormonal background.

Reviews of Mastabol 100 characterize it as an excellent steroid for muscular set. Although the increase is not fast and solid, but it will be of high quality and will last for a long time. Also attracts athletes and high safety of the drug. If you do not exceed the average dosage, in practice there are no unpleasant androgenic and other side effects. Profi note the good results of combined "mass-harvest" courses with the participation of Mastabol or the same Masteron with the addition of Trenbolon, Boldenon. Buy Mastabol 100 online and create your new strong body!

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