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This modern high-quality tool became known back in 1960, although in the pharmacology market it appeared a decade later. It is an effective steroid with pronounced androgenic and anabolic properties. Mastaver, produced by manufacturers also under the names:




· Drolban.

It has become one of the most popular brands in the West. Specialists have developed this steroid at one time with oxymetholone. Once Mastaver Vermodje was an indispensable drug for the treatment of breast cancer in women. Today, he has proven himself among sportsmen-bodybuilders. Drostanol propionate specialists are called a derivative of DHT, that is, dihydrotestosterone. Simple transformations within the structure, namely, the addition of a special methyl group to the position of the second carbohydrate, made it possible to create a drug with pronounced antiestrogenic characteristics. This steroid with anabolic characteristics can still boast of the presence of a special short ether propionate. The drug in its time effectively fought with breast cancer, as it performed in the body the role of a powerful anti-estrogen. The studies carried out in those years proved the advantage of the combined effect of Tamoxifen citrate with Drostanolone propionate over chemotherapy.

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The Opinions About Mastaver


According to bodybuilders, when passing the Mastaver course, the advantage is that there is no need to include anti-estrogen preparations in it. Mastaver, also Masteron, has in its structure DHT, which has 5 times more androgenic activity than testosterone. When this steroid is used, the hardness and stiffness of the muscle mass is noted, the body's ability to burn undesirable fat deposits increases. Mastaver is most often used as a drug for weight gain exclusively by bodybuilders. During the preservation of body weight, it is guaranteed at times to increase the indicators of physical strength. This is true for all those who are professionally engaged in heavy and athletics, swimming or baseball.

The Effects of Mastaver


The drug has been used by athletes for many years, since it has a lot of undeniable advantages. Mastaver is recognized as an excellent tool that should be used on drying, namely at its last stage. In this case, do not forget about the strictest diet to achieve the desired result. The remedy makes the skin more delicate, and the venous - more pronounced. The steroid will give your muscles the necessary firmness and firmness. It has proved to be an excellent drug, which several times increases the indicators of physical strength, helps to recover faster after exhausting training and competition, to increase the body's endurance, while preventing weight gain.

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Some Words About the Side effects


Those who decide Mastaver Vermodje to buy in Ukraine, you need to know the information and possible side effects that occur when taking. The manufacturer warns that the drug can provoke the appearance of acne on the surface of the body and face, as well as acne. When taken by women, the remedy causes the development of virilization. There may be hair loss or vice versa their strong growth. Mastaver is able to provoke an increase in the level of cholesterol, which is also called "bad", and to inhibit the "good" cholesterol in the body. After the end of the course, normal production is restored without special difficulties.

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