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Producer: Golden Dragon
Model: Nandrolone Phenylpropionate
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About the drug

Structurally, nandrolonephenylpropionate is a modification of nandrolone into which a phenylpropionate ester was added via a 17-beta hydroxyl group (after disintegration into the blood stream the ether is disconnected, after which the free nandrolone begins to travel in the blood). It was developed to maximize the release of the active substance within the first 24 hours after the injection.

For the first time on the market of pharmacology, this preparation, on which Nandroged-Ph 100 is based, appeared in the 60s of the 20th century. Then its come was dealt with by the well-known company Organon. He used it mainly in the medical field: he was appointed to treat muscular dystrophy and with growth retardation, as well as for the prevention of breast cancer and for the rapid recovery of patients after surgery.

Today, nandrolonephenylpropionate, and in particular Nandroged-Ph 100, is used primarily in sports. Athletes (bodybuilders, weightlifters, "siloviki", etc.) consume it when it is necessary to get a qualitative increase in muscle mass, gain strength, intensified immunity, bones and ligaments.

In general, on the cycle, built for sporting purposes, Nandroged-Ph shows a variety of positive features and issues:

  • A tangible add in strength;
  • Providing for muscular growth (moderate, but at the same time, a sufficiently high-quality hiking of the muscularity);
  • Reduction of fatty layer;
  • Synthesis of collagen, which leads to the strengthening of ligaments;
  • Exaggerating the firmness of bones and, in general, the bone structure of the body;
  • Reinforcing immunity and ensuring the fastest recovery;
  • Anti-inflammatory action (reduction of pain in the joints, etc.).


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Dosage and Expected Result

Nandroged-Phanabolics are virtually uncommon. Surely, some ailments and abnormalities can happen, in particular, when application high measures, you can know the fallouts of aromatization (gynecomastia, fat layer increase, fluid accumulation in the body), and androgyne "pobochki" (acne, sebaceous skin, loss hair on the head). But because of the possible lateral outcomes of this anabolic can be easily disposed of, using ancillary drugs. For example, Clomid or Tamoxifen can be perceived to eliminate estrogenic side effects.

It is also meaningfully to note that both men and women can take Nandroged-Ph from Golden Dragon in sports practice. However, girls are recommended to use small measurements of the drug - in the region of 50-100 mg every 3 days. Such volumes will prevent the masculinization caused by the androgenic ramification of the steroid (coarsening of the voice, an rising in the clitoris, body and face hair, etc.).

For "Nandroged-Ph 100", in the first place, it is worth pointing out that the advised portion for the cycle is 100-200 mg, administered every second day. This frequency of reception is explained by the period of activity of nandrolonephenylpropionate - from two to three days. You can get Nandroged-Ph online in our webstore and get the original quality for the best price.

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