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One of the TOP modern steroids - TRENBOLONE

Today you will not find any bodybuilder who doesn’t know what is Trenbolone or Tren as the majority of athletes used to call this drug. First of all, this is one of the most famous, most powerful and most widespread steroids nowadays. This guy has got such great popularity because of its versatility. Its chemical formula (C18H2202) has made this steroid suitable for bulking as well as for cutting. Regardless of the result, you want to get, this steroid will fit your course. Besides the high effectiveness of the chemical components of Trenbolone, it is compatible with many supplements which make its taking as safe as its possible and significantly reduces the negative influence of this steroid on your health. Most probably in ten different courses of steroids for bulking (or cutting, it doesn’t matter), you will find Trenbolone in the list of recommended steroids. With such high effectiveness and popularity, it would be unfair to hide the necessary info about its taking from our readers. In this article, we gonna review one of the leading steroids with the surprisingly high effectiveness and minimal negative influence on your health. Meet Trenbolone! We bet that in this article you will find answers to all your questions about this guy. So, sit down and get ready to absorb the information. Let’s go!


Profile: What Is Trenbolone?

One of the TOP modern steroidsSo, Trenbolone, what is it and what is its main influence on our health? This steroid will fit both the newcomers and experienced athletes because for the first category it can help to get fast and noticeable results, while for the second one it can help to get as much as it’s possible from each workout. The steroid which has conquered hearts of millions bodybuilders all over the world can boast of a very successful combination of its features – it is highly anabolic (which means that you will get serious results in the short time period) and a bit androgenic (which means that you almost don’t have a risk to get super nice female breast). Speaking seriously, with such composition, Trenbolone significantly reduces risk of side effects and increase the effectiveness of your workouts. So, speaking shortly, you will be able to get the maximal result from each your workout and not to wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night because you worry about side effects of this steroid. Speaking about its main effects (we mean positive effects) on your body we tried to collect them in a list. Let’s see what we have:

1.Your body extracts higher amount of nutrients from the food due to increased nutrient efficiency;

2.The stress hormones production is reduced;

3.The amount of the red blood cells is significantly increased, so your muscle tissue gets more oxygen;

4.The pain and tiredness after each workout is significantly reduced;

5.Your stamina is greatly increased which helps you to work more at the next workout;

6.Your strength is increased;

7.The protein synthesis is increased which helps your organism to build higher amount of new muscle tissues.



Trenbolone Acetate vs. Trenbolone Enanthate. Each of you, when decided to purchase Trenbolone, will face the choice between two types of this steroid – Trenbolone-E (full name: Trenbolone Enanthate) or Trenbolone-A (full name: Trenbolone Acetate). It may seem impossible but even without the master degree in chemistry you can understand the main differences between these two types and get the most suitable one. First of all, both of these types can be purchased in the form of powder or oral pills. The main difference between them is the amount of the pure ingredient per 100 milligrams. Trenbolone Enanthate consists seventy-two mg of the pure ingredient per 100 milligrams, while Trenbolone Acetate consists eighty-seven mg of the pure ingredient per 100 milligrams. The chemical formulas of two these guys also differ, so the duration of their half-life is not similar. Because of the shorter half-life duration of Trenbolone Acetate, you will have to take it more often in comparison with Trenbolone Enanthate to get the desired effects.

Trenbolone Dosage and Warnings. We have reached the most important part of our article- correct dosage and side effects which may occur while taking this medication. Let’s start with the dosage. For both form of Trenbolone mentioned in the previous paragraph, dosage remains the same. The safest dosage recommended by the specialists is equal to fifty milligrams and shouldn’t be exceeded. You should clearly understand that in case if you exceed the dosage the risk of side effects exceeds in direct ratio. So, it’s up to you, some of the professional experienced bodybuilders take the higher dosage of this steroid but they know what to expect from it and how to limit possible side effects. If you are not sure about the high dosage, it is highly recommended not to exceed the dosage of fifty milligrams. In this case, you will get the needed result and at the same time will not cause harm to your health.

We want to pay your attention that this article is not an instruction to the Trenbolone taking, it’s just an overview to help you clarify the main moments of the Trenbolone’s actions, side effects which may appear during its taking, and average recommended dosage. Prior to taking this steroid or including it into your course, you have to consult with the specialist and tell him about your general health condition, including condition and possible diseases of kidneys, liver or heart. Thus, you will protect yourself from the side effects of this steroid taking which may lead to very serious problems in case if you already have certain problems with your health.


Trenbolone Side Effects. The second paragraph of the most important part of our article is devoted to the side effects which may occur when Trenbolone taking. When we say “may occur” we mean that all these side effects can be avoided while be stick to the recommended dosage and to take this steroid with the properly chosen supplements. Also, you should note that for both types of Trenbolone (Trenbolone Enanthate and Trenbolone Acetate) these side effects are absolutely similar. We repeat once more – all these side effects may be either absolutely avoided or greatly limited while proper taking of the steroid. Nevertheless, let’s consider with what the safest steroid can scare us:

1.First of all, this steroid has a high anabolic activity as it was already mentioned above in this article. It means that the normal production of Testosterone in your organism will be suppressed. The main risk in this case is the occurring of such side effects as the decreased sexual desire (or its total loss), erectile dysfunction and the testicular atrophy.

2.We not without purpose mentioned in this article that people with the heart problems shouldn’t take this steroid without consultation with the doctor. Although the risk is very low, Trenbolone may increase the level of your blood pressure to great indexes. In addition to this, the steroid directly influences the cholesterol level in your organism, increasing the “bad cholesterol” level and reducing the “good cholesterol” level. The main risk here is the emergence of heart attack.

3.Even despite the fact that Trenbolone can boast of the low androgenic effects, it still can cause some side effects connected with this. As all other steroids (although with a much lower probability) this steroid may cause appearance of acne or hair loss. You should note this prior including this preparation into your course.

4.This steroid doesn’t aromatize and this is the true. It means that its components don’t transform into the female hormone in your body. But even without increased estrogen level, you still have a certain risk of gynecomastia. To avoid this, you need to include special supplements with the anti-estrogen nature into your course.

Among other, not so serious side effects are the rapid heartbeat, headache, and insomnia. You can avoid these side effects by reducing the dosage of the preparation. Trenbolone is one of the safest steroids available nowadays, so in comparison with other preparations which are able to provide you with such great results, its side effects are extremely limited, especially if take into account that you can avoid all of them by properly choosing the supplements.


Trenbolone Stack Choices. Now you are warned about possible side effects and know enough about this preparation to decide which stack to choose better. The main thing here is that Trenbolone doesn’t aromatize and has an extremely low level of hepatotoxicity, so you can combine it with almost everything. We have already mentioned at the beginning of this article that this steroid fits well both for bulking and cutting. So, let’s consist the most successful combinations of this guy with other preparations for each of these cases separately.

·You are aimed at bulking. In a case if you want to get the solid muscles and significantly increase the amount of muscle tissue you should combine Trenbolone with: 1. Deca Durabolin; 2. Anadrol; 3. Dianabol. Each of these combinations will help you to get the increased stamina, to gain solid muscles and to reduce tiredness after each your workout, helping you work more and more each time at the gym.

·You are aimed at cutting. In a case if want to get a course of an effective cutting you can combine Trenbolone with: 1. Masteron; 2. Winstrol; 3. Equipoise. And, of course, in case of cutting the dosage of the steroids taken should be much less then in case of bulking.



Trenbolone Acetate Cycle Options

Actually, it doesn’t depend on which type of Trenbolone you choose for your course – Trenbolone Acetate or Trenbolone Enanthate. The one and only difference is in the frequency of the preparation taking. We have already mentioned that you will need to take Trenbolone Acetate more often than Trenbolone Enanthate. In addition to this, specialists don’t recommend to take only Trenbolone during your course. Add other preparations which will provide you with the good results by working together with this steroid.

Also, you should note that the duration of your course shouldn’t exceed eight weeks. Some of the professional bodybuilders can prolong this duration to ten weeks and more but it’s not safe for your health. In addition to this, you need to calculate the necessary amount of Trenbolone to purchase in order not to find it in the middle of the course when it runs out. In the next paragraph, we will help you and show how much milligrams of this preparation you need to purchase for the eight-week course. Also, when planning your course, you shouldn’t forget that after its finishing you will need a post-therapy which as a rule lasts around four weeks. You need this therapy to return the normal production of testosterone in your organism. Only after such therapy, your course of Trenbolone taking will be completely finished and you will get the needed results without destroying your organism.

Trenbolone for Bulking










1400mg (1.4g)



2800mg (2.8g)

Trenbolone for Cutting











Up to 50mg/EOD

Up to 1400mg (1.4g)

Note that even while taking fifty milligrams of the steroid during your cutting course you can gain a certain amount of muscle mass. If it’s important for you to remain in a certain limited weight category you should control dosage and reduce it in case if you notice the muscle mass gaining.


Trenbolone PCT. Tren inhibits the natural production of testosterone, so when your cycle ends, post-cycle therapy helps your body start making testosterone again. Without it, it may take up to a year before things get back to normal, and you will feel bad in the meantime and lose your gains. If you will be off steroids and synthetic testosterone for 12 weeks or more, PCT is vital. When you should start depends on the type of Tren you used.


Now it’s time to consider PCT or as it will be more clear – post course therapy and explain you why is it an integral part of each steroid course. First of all, let’s consider why you will need it. When taking steroids, the normal production of testosterone in your organism is inhibited greatly. To return this production to a normal level after finishing the course of steroids you need to take certain additional preparations, otherwise, it may take several years for your organism to return to the normal condition. And in addition to this, you will lose the gained muscle mass. So, to prevent such negative effects, you need to go through the post-course therapy. In such case, it matters which type of Trenbolone you have taken during your course. Let’s consider both types separately.

1.If you have included Trenbolone Acetate in your course, you need to start your post-course therapy not later than three days after the last reception of the preparation. Most effective for the post course therapy are such preparations as Nolvadex (take forty milligrams of this preparation each day during four-six weeks to help your organism return to the normal production of testosterone) and Clomid (take one hundred and fifty milligrams of this preparation each day during the same period as Nolvadex). Both of these guys will help you to increase the natural production of testosterone in your organism, thereby returning it to the normal condition.

2.If you have included Trenbolone Enanthate in your course, you need to take the same preparations as were mentioned above and be stick to the same dosage but start the post-course therapy not in three but in ten days after the last reception of the preparation.


Is it Possible to Buy Trenbolone Legally? As well as the majority of other steroids, Trenbolone is illegal for purchase in the United States of America. However, there is a way out from this situation – today you can purchase the veterinary version of this steroid which was initially created for the livestock to boost its size. In this case, Trenbolone is manufactured in the special pellets and require a certain preparation for taking it by humans. But it is legal and this is a great news. The rules may vary greatly in different countries so it is recommended to find out whether you are able to purchase this steroid legally or not because in case if it is completely prohibited you risk to bear legal responsibility. And, of course, if you decide to purchase the veterinary version of this steroid, you should find out all peculiarity of its taking in order to prevent serious side effects.


FAQ or The Most Frequent Questions from Our Readers


Question #1: I heard about the Trenbolone cough? What is it?


Trenbolone cough occurs when injecting the steroid and is caused by the special structure of Trenbolone which is quite spicy and may irritate your tongue or airways. Don’t worry, this cough lasts for minute or less after taking the preparation and will not disturb you after. As a rule, it is like a severe cough which lasts for around half a minute. You shouldn’t panic or worry when feeling this symptom, just wait until it disappears.

Even with such unpleasant effect on our body, Trenbolone nowadays remains one of the best steroids which can boast of maximal effect at the affordable price. This is one of the TOP cost-effective preparations which can help you to achieve the desired goal and not to cause serious harm to your health.


Question #2: Can I lose fat while taking Trenbolone?


First of all, the answer is yes. We have already mentioned in this article that this guy can be taken both for cutting and bulking. When taking it together with such preparations as Masteron or Winstrol you will be pleasantly surprised with the result. Together with these supplements, Trenbolone can help you to burn the necessary amount of fat and at the same time to retain muscle mass. The important moment here is that Trenbolone without any supplements will not be able to burn fat, so you should use it only in combination with other preparations. In such case, you will get the maximal result.


Question #3: I have heard about the Trenbolone Acetate kit. What is it and where can I buy it?


Trenbolone Acetate kits are created to extract the active substance of Trenbolone from the veterinary version. Remember we mentioned that if you purchase pellets for livestock you will need some special preparations prior taking it? Such kits help you to prepare for Trenbolone taking in case of purchasing vet version of this steroid. You can order these kits online.


Question #4: Can I bought Trenbolone powder and make my own pills?


If compare price of Trenbolone pills, powder or the solution for injections, the powder’s price will be significantly lower. To save money you can purchase powder and make pills but in such case, you need to understand all the responsibility you take. In case of the incorrect dosage, you can cause irreparable harm to your health. Note, that side effects, in this case, will be more severe and can last longer. Professional bodybuilders claim that they are ready to overpay for the pills because of the safety.


Question #5: What are the main results after the course of Trenbolone taking?


There is no certain answer for this question as the results achieved depend on many factors such as the response of your organism, dosage you took and the combination of Trenbolone with other supplements. If say in average, in case of taking this preparation for cutting, people lose around five-six pounds of the fat during the course (with its average duration of eight weeks). In case of taking this steroid for bulking during the course which lasts eight weeks, you can expect to gain around fifteen-sixteen pounds. These are only average results which may vary depending on doses and stacks you choose.


Question #6: How should I take Trenbolone properly?


Outside of the dosing instructions listed above, it is important to make sure of the following:

We have already mention the average recommended dosage of this steroid, so here we will give you some more useful advice.

1.Never take Trenbolone if you have high blood pressure indexes, problems with heart, prostate, kidneys or liver. Also if you have a high level of cholesterol you need to consult a doctor prior taking the steroid.

2.If you have problems with liver, you should take additional protective preparations together with Trenbolone.

3.You should plan your post-course therapy in advance in order not to find the necessary preparations after finishing the steroids course.

4.Be stick to the recommended dosage and duration of the course. Dose increase or course extension may be harmful to your health.

5.Note that solution of Trenbolone for injections is very concentrated, so be careful when measuring it.

6.Purchase the necessary amount of Trenbolone in advance and be sure that it will be enough to the end of your course.


Question #7: What to choose better – Trenbolone in injectable or oral form?


Actually, both types of Trenbolone will provide you with similar results. The one difference is that Trenbolone in the oral form is very hepatotoxic and this is the main reason why most bodybuilders prefer taking it in the injectable form. If you hate injections and want to avoid them, you can take it in oral form but in a very small dosage. In such case, you will get results in the shortest period of time.


Question #8: Where to choose original high-quality Trenbolone?


Today you can find many online sellers which offer Trenbolone for sale. Because of this, it is quite difficult to understand the quality of the product you buy. To evaluate the quality of the preparation offered it is recommended to read reviews about the website (and seller) at the special forums where people discuss the best places to purchase it. Also, pay your attention to such details as shipping, guarantees, certificates and return policy.


Question #9: Which type of Trenbolone to buy better? Enanthate or Acetate?


Both types of Trenbolone are effective and will provide you with similar results. Among the main differences between these two types are price, amount of the steroid content (this content is higher in the Acetate version of Trenbolone). Because of the different steroid content, you will need to dose Acetate Trenbolone more frequently than Enanthate which is not super-convenient especially if you use it as injections. It up to you which version to choose better and depends only on your own preferences.


Question #10: Is it possible to purchase Trenbolone online legally?


It directly depends on the country where you live. For example, in the United States of America, it’s completely prohibited by the law not only to buy but also to possess and sell this steroid. You can do it only with the doctor’s prescription. On the contrary, in other countries, you can do it absolutely legally and without any restrictions. You should always check this when are going to purchase Trenbolone online.


Question #11: Where can I buy Trenbolone? Is there one “best place” to buy the high-quality steroid?


There isn’t one and only best place where you can buy “the best” Trenbolone with the highest quality. Today you are able to choose among different online suppliers, many of which can provide you with the high-quality steroid. Just read the reviews from other people who have already ordered it from this seller and make your choice. And, of course, purchasing Trenbolone online is the cheapest and most discreet way.