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Oxandrolon, Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)

Model: Oxandrolone 10 mg/60 tab
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60 Tablets
77 $

All necessary information about Oxandrolon using

Nowadays one of the main purposes of each prosperous sportsmen is muscles’ mass increasing. It is not a secret that only balanced nutrition and going to trainings will not give you desired significant results without using of special drugs. Oxandrolon (or Anavar) has achieved a great popularity among sportsmen all over the world during last several years. By taking this drug, already in several weeks you will see noticeable result. On our website you are able to buy Oxandrolon at a very attractive price and directly from its distributor. By the way this drug is produced by the Balkan Pharmaceuticals in Moldavia. If you have decided to take a serious approach to the muscles’ mass increasing you must understand all the seriousness of this decision and understand all possible risks and side effects of incorrect medicament taking. In order to prevent such situations we have prepared all essential information that everybody need to know about steroids taking. Let’s speak about Oxandrolon in particular.

Main effects of Oxandrolon using

Oxandrolon refers to the ‘soft’ class of steroids and is recommended for people who have already had mass and are focused on the relief and strength increasing, and fat deposits reducing. This medicament is not very toxic and androgenic. Oxandrolon is known worldwide as one of the safest and the softest steroids available nowadays. Among the main effects of Oxandrolon taking you will find:

  • Increasing the HGH growth
  • Adding strength
  • Burning fat
  • And the main effect of Oxandrolon taking:
  • Increasing of relief and muscles’ hardness.

Dosage and duration of Oxandrolon taking course

Everybody knows that for achieving desired noticeable results and avoiding various side effects it is obligatory to keep the right dosage of medicaments. Especially if we are speaking about steroids. The duration of the basic course of Oxandrolon taking is equal to 6-8 weeks. The initial daily dose of Anavar (Oxandrolon) taking is 20mg. It is recommended to divide this dose for two pills taking-in the morning and at lunch. It is also recommended to take Tamoxifen (daily dose is equal to 10mg) for restoring the testosterone production by organism. It should be taken during 1-2 weeks. Also if you want to increase the speed of course and see significant effect as fast as it is possible you can also take sports nutrition for relief.

It is also possible to take not only solo course of Oxandrolon but combined ones too. At these cases you can add to the course such medicaments as Testosterone, Sustanon and Primobolan. The most important moment while taking the combined course is that the daily Oxandrolon dosage must not exceed 40mg.

Best way to buy Oxandrolon

It is proved by thousands of people that the results of Oxandrolon taking are really impressive, but to achieve them you must be very careful and responsible while choosing where to buy Oxandrolon online. Unfortunately nowadays there are a great number of providers which offer fake drugs that have a very high demand because of their low price. Do not fall for the bait we recommend you to make online orders only on trustable websites which work directly with manufacturer. The simplest and one of the safest ways is to buy Anavar on our website. We guarantee the pure quality, affordable prices and direct cooperation with Balkan Pharmaceuticals in order to provide you with the first-class medicaments. Don’t forget that your health condition depends only from you.

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