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Oxandrolone (Anavar) is a famous medication designed for all the athletes that has an extremely low level of androgenic activity, while it has an anabolic effect that is pretty moderate.

·Oxandrolone promotes the synthesis of protein in the body, which is expressed in a positive nitrogen balance.

·Anavar increases the endurance and strength of athletes, promotes burning fat tissue. It should be noted that athletes do not practically apply Oxandrolone "solo" for mass gain.

·This drug (solo course) is most often used by athletes who have a sufficient amount of muscle mass and want to "formalize" it, the anavar helps to strengthen the muscles: it gives firmness and relief to the muscles (which is why it is not advisable to use it for a set of steroid oxidrolone-anavar muscle mass).

Oxandrolone has an anti-catabolic effect: it protects the muscles from the destructive effect of cortisol, so that the muscles do not lose protein. This drug also strengthens bone and cartilaginous tissue.

It is worth noting that the Anavar is popular among athletes who do not need to recruit mass. It is important for them to increase strength and endurance, while it is important to stay in a certain weight category. Oxandrolone does an excellent job of this task, helping athletes achieve all of the desired achievements and conquer new records.

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Taking Oxandrolone Correctly

As already noted above, the "solo course" of oxandrolone will never be used in case of massaging, but can be used as a decoration for your muscles. Oxandrolone course should be carried out with "ladder", that is, start taking this drug from small dosages, increase them slowly and gradually, like on the example: during the first week there will be twenty milligrams daily, the division will be in two dosages (the morning and the evening one), during the second week there should be - from forty to sixty milligrams divided For 3 receptions (in the morning, at lunch and in the evening). The end of the course is done with the intake of PCT with Tamoxifen (Clomid), in order that if you experience the decrease in the production of your own testosterone, you should return it to the level where you began. The determination of your hormonal system can be done via various tests.

Many athletes take Oxandrolone along in combination with various another anabolic.

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The Side Effects of Oxandrolone

Oxandrolone is a safe preparation that has only several side effects nevertheless you may experience some adverse effects during some periods such as an elevated pressure of the blood.

Oxandrolone medication does not belong to the group of flavored ones, that's why it doesn't call any side effects such as famous retention of fluids and gynecomastia as well. You should also note the fact that oxandrolone is sold and should be taken in the small dosages, that slowly will supply you with the dose of testosterone you need. Suppression the production of your own testosterone will be observed in cases of the application of an anavar in elevated dosages. To eliminate these side effects, you can use many various supplemental with opposite effects.

You need to consider that the reducing of production of your own testosterone will lead you to such undesirable consequences as decreased libido and depression.

You need to finish this course with an application of PCT, in which this is possible including some boosters of testosterone such, zinc and vitamin E. You need to consult your therapist and pass the test which will define your level of testosterone and the amount of it which can be reduced by the medication.

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