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OXIGED, Golden Dragon

Producer: Golden Dragon
Model: 50 mg
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100 Tablets
100 $


Oxiged is an effective preparation with the high anabolic activity. The active substance is a steroid oxymetholone. It can be effectively used in sports practice.


This drug made by Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals, which is known among many sportsmen. The products of Chinese manufacturer have appeared on our market in mid-2013, now they are quite popular.


This powerful anabolic allows achieving the muscle mass gaining, increase in strength, better hematopoiesis, even the elimination of pain in the joints. The period of its activity is about 15 hours from last intake a tablet.


Proper taking Oxymetholone 50 mg from Golden Dragon can provide athletes with following benefits:


Maximum increase in muscles;

Improvement of mobility, removal joint pain;

Enhancement the effect of anabolic hormones;

Raising the hemoglobin, hematopoiesis;

Enhanced protein synthesis, stimulation erythropoietin.


There are such side effects as excessive accumulation fluids, increased blood pressure, gynecomastia, suppression his own testosterone production, nausea, appetite worsening.

Using tamoxifen or clomiphene citrate can significantly reduce them. Oxiged for achieving noticeable sports results is recommended only to men, female athletes shouldn't use it.


Optimal dosage is 50-200 mg per day depending on the experience. The optimal duration of the course is 6 full weeks. This medication should be taken on a daily basis, since it doesn't have a very long period of activity. Higher doses, increased frequency, can cause negative consequences, block the main results.


You can buy Oxiged on website. Making a purchase is simple, fast, reliable, incredibly economical. We have an affordable price, while quality is on the highest level. Your confidential data will be reliably protected by security system, you always remain anonymous.

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