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(Anapolon) is an oral anabolic steroid. The composition, which is Oxymetholone, is the most effective at the moment, and which is available for sale. Anapolon 50 has high anabolic and androgenic properties.

Contrary to the accumulation of water in the body, it is ideal for those athletes who have problem joints, because of the large amount of fluid in their abitments, a lubricant is formed. If it is true to train and use Anapolon 50 then it is really possible to collect up to 8 kilograms of mass in only a couple of weeks. Before the shows on the podium, it is greater not to consume it because of its outcome of concetrating water, if it is adopted in consolidation with other dopes; it is probable to decrese the inflation of liquid in the body.

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Medications To Be Combined With Anapolon

If you fuse it with Nolvadex and Privironum, then the inflation of fluid will be the littlest, if you follow the diet you can pump up a beautiful figure and hike a gain in strength. This remedy gives the athlete a very awesome endurance, doing at the gym; you do not feel tired and are at altitude. Do not advise to exceed the measure of 150 milligrams per day, approximately is the calculation of 1 milligram per kilogram of the array of the sportsman. Besides Anapolon 50 can be practiced in mix with pretty well all the familiar medicaments Sustanon and Parabolan, after which the consequences are stunning.

The Application of Anapolon-50

This medicine is not suggested for newcomers, as it entails many side effects, and their figure has not yet adapted to such loads, they should start with simple (easy for the body) pharmacies.

At the end of seizure the potion there is a decrease in muscle mass, in order to enhancement it you are in demand to work with other essences. With this you will not do anything, be reason of this essence (Anapolon 50) has such an estate as to be transformed into estrogens, to prevent this lateral aftermath, you have to  hold Nolvadex and Proviron.

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Why  Are You Going To Exploit Anapolon?

Because of fluid retention, Anapolon 50 weakens joint pain, and adds a gain in strength. This cure has a huge androgenic and anabolic repercussion, rapid regeneration of meat flesh. For a short time you extend a decent array and reinforse in heaviness.

What Side Effects Can Be Observed

This drug: at huge portions the function of the liver worsens and if taken unceasingly there will be irreversible negative consequences of the liver.

Symptoms of liver dysfunction:

  • Yellowing of the nails;
  • Skin of the squirrel before the eyes.
  • Possibly the appearance of nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Acne;
  • Headaches.


Initially, this physic is seen increased libido, and at the end of admission it goes on.

It is not advisable to operate Anapolon 50 people who are older than 50 years, since it modifies the inhibition of the production of the torso of personal testosterone, women are also forbidden to run it by virtue it has a great androgenic capacity, followed by aggressiveness, hair loss on the head and grip on the body And hands, the voice becomes rough, the clitoris hypertrophy. This anabolic dope still diminishes blood coagulation.

What Anapolon Courses Are Presented. Course No1

It is suitable for those who are not familiar with the pharmaceutical Anadrolon.

Duration: 12 weeks.


  • 1-4 weeks: 25 mg Anapolone daily, 500 mg Testosterone enanthate per week.
  • 5-6 weeks: 50 mg Anapolone daily, 500 mg Testosterone enanthate per week.
  • 6-12 weeks: 500 mg Testosterone enanthate per week.
  • 14-16 weeks PKT: 20-40 mg Nolvadex 2 times a day (21 days).


Course Number 2

A program for beginners, which incorporates only oral medications. No injections.

Period: 6 weeks.


  • 1-6 weeks: 50 mg Anapolone daily.
  • 7-8 weeks PKT: 20-40 mg Nolvadex 2 times a day (14 days).
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