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The cost of the course of peptides and somatotropin is significantly different. And the advantage in this matter belongs to peptides. Find out what is best for athletes to use peptides or growth hormone.

Most peptides are designed to increase the secretion rate of endogenous somatotropin. In modern realities, a very important factor in the popularity of the drug is its cost. If we proceed from this, the peptides are more interesting. For this reason, for many athletes it is important to know what is better to use - peptides or growth hormone.


What are peptides?

Peptides are substances whose molecules are made up of residues of alpha-amino acid compounds linked together through peptide bonds. These substances can consist of different amounts of amino acids. To the class of peptides belong various substances of synthetic or natural origin, which perform in the body all sorts of functions. For us, interest is only those of them that can increase sports performance and, in fact, are stimulants of the secretion of endogenous growth hormone.

In total, three groups of these substances should be distinguished:

•Growth hormone releasing group or GHRH - CJC-1295 and cormorelin.

•HGH Frag - is a fragment of the somatotropin molecule.

These substances are most common in sports, although sometimes athletes use other peptides, say, gonadorelin or TV-500.

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Benefits of peptides against somatotropin

To date, peptides, however, like the growth hormone, have been studied quite well. Thanks to the existing scientific basis, we can say that they are very effective when used correctly. One of the advantages of peptide drugs is the lack of ability to inhibit the secretion of endogenous growth hormone. They after the introduction come into contact with the corresponding receptors, which leads to an acceleration of the synthesis of somatotropin.

It is also necessary to recall the need to use growth hormone as an auxiliary insulin during the course. This is a rather dangerous exogenous substance, with which it is necessary to be careful. We note the most significant advantages of peptides over the growth hormone:

•The cost of peptides is much less;

•Due to the difference in mechanisms of influence on the body and half-lives of peptides, it is possible to achieve the highest possible anabolic background when manipulating their use;

•Have a wide range of positive effects and you can choose certain drugs in accordance with the goal;

•Peptides are legal and not prohibited to use by athletes;

•Their half-life is small, which makes it impossible to detect them during doping tests.

The Benefits of Growth Hormone Before Peptides

Despite the obvious advantages of peptides over the growth hormone, the peptide can also respond to peptides. Firstly, it is worth noting that growth hormone is much more effective than peptides, because if compared to the progress made with somatotropin, it is much more significant than peptides. Secondly, growth hormone is easier to use. After all, sometimes it takes 3-4 peptides per day to achieve a good effect. Not many have enough patience and time for this. Thirdly - the set of functions of growth hormone is very wide. From weight loss and muscle mass gain, to improved vision and increased concentration. Each peptide, in turn, performs only 1-2 basic functions.

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How to choose peptides

We have already said that one of the advantages of peptide drugs is the possibility of using them in accordance with the tasks set. For example, you need to get the maximum amount of muscle mass, it is better to choose GHRP-2 or GHRP-6.

If not the mass is your main goal, then use CJC-1295 or ipamorelin. Also, these substances are perfectly combined, which makes it possible not only to use them together, but also to obtain a synergistic effect.

Separately, it is worth mentioning Ipamorelin, which is the best stimulator of endogenous growth hormone secretion. We also note that the preparations of the growth hormone releasing group should be administered before going to bed. This is due to the fact that the secretion of growth hormone increases during the phase of fast sleep.

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