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Pharmacom Labs (Moldova)

PharmaCom Labs is a worldwide-acknowledged brand


The business was started in Moldova in the year of 2006. By 2012, themanufacturers totally restyled their product line. Manufacture of PharmaCom Labs is specialized on the sports pharmacologic. PharmaCom Labs presents extremely wide spectrum of drugs:

·injectable and oral steroids;

·hormones of the growth;





Buy Original Product


By the year of 2014, PharmaCom Labs has secondly redesigned package. Exipiration date of the medications is written directly on the tube. Secondly, company introduced a product validation system to define if particular product bought is original. Verificationcode posed under the protective layer on a special label will help you to find it out. Stickers are glued to the jar or theblister. Wipe the protective layer, write the code on the website page pharmacomlabs.com/code in order to verify that the productyoubought is totally original.

One of main features of PharmaCom Labs production favorably distinguishes it from the other similar manufacturers: highconcentrated steroid preparations per example 0.6 g per 1 ml of testosterone enanthate, sustanone, nandrolone decanoate; 0.5 g per 1ml of boldenone. PharmaCom Labs provides us with an example of a very successful rebranding.


Official manufacturer's site: pharmacomlabs.com


The Innovative Vaccination

23.05.2016, the company released a vaccine that blocks myostatin called Pharmacom GEN M. Responsible for the publicrelationsrepresentative did not disclose the details of the manufacture, but he joked that this medication passed test on Russian bears. And if somebody ever will meet a bear with a blocked myostatin and does a photo, Farmakom will send an amount of medications per one year usage, told the representative jokely.

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