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Pregnil 5000, Organon (Holland, Pakistan, Egypt)

Pregnil 5000
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About the drug

Pregnil 5000Pregnyl 5000 is a preparation of non-steroidal nature, presented in injectable form, widely used by athletes in order to have a stimulating effect on the production of testosterone.

Pregnyl is known as one of the most effective drugs of the hormonal group, used by athletes, heavyweights. Before buying Pregnyl, it is necessary in a charming manner to consult with your coach. The composition of this hormonal drug includes female hormones.

The drug is recommended for use by professional athletes for active muscle growth and increased endurance. The hormone preparation Pregnyl, the price of which is available to everyone, has a positive effect on the work of all internal organs and life support systems of the human body.

Pregnyl is advised to be used both as a separate, self-contained preparation, and in combination with various steroids. The most popular and effective combinations are Pregnyl with Proviron or Clomed.

Working and Positive Effects

With the proper intake of the hormone drug Pregnyl, the following results can be achieved:

  • Activation of testosterone production;
  • Easy recovery of physical strength after grueling training;
  • Prophylaxis of reduction of testicles;
  • Increased endurance to loads.

The injection of Pregnyl is injected into the muscle tissue. If the dosage is calculated correctly, there will be no side symptomatology. Use the drug after opening the ampoule at once, in the future the substance will lose its sterility.

The main component of the drug is chorionic gonadotropin, the main property of which is the stimulation of male sex cells and an increase in the production of hormones of androgenic nature, on the basis of which the substance is combined with steroid preparations.

The drug leads to the normal secretion of the male hormone. For medical purposes, it is used to treat infertility, both in men and women, as well as in delaying development from the sexual side.

In sports practice, the drug helps to achieve recovery as soon as possible after the training process, also does not give rise to such an undesirable effect as atrophic changes in the testes. And, perhaps, the most important advantage of the drug - increases its own testosterone levels in the bloodstream of athletes. But still, as a result of long courses, the pituitary and hypothalamus are in a state of oppression, despite the gonadotropin intake. Pregnyl only helps to detach the recovery phase, so it will certainly have to pass. Buy Pregnyl 5000 online and begin your way to the perfect results.

Dosage and Expected Result

The dosing regimens are only approximate and should be carefully selected, depending on the individual drug tolerance. Consult a specialist about the individual reaction of the body to steroids. With the right selection of maintenance drugs, you can achieve outstanding results.

In the correct dosage and with correctly calculated duration of reception, Pregnyl, whose price is loyal, will contribute to the achievement of effective results with minimal risks of negative symptoms. The dosage of a hormonal preparation of an individual for each athlete is calculated, and therefore it is possible to buy Pregnyl only after coordination with the trainer. With a slight excess of this amount of the drug, there may be headaches, a general mild malaise, frequent attacks of dizziness. Buy Pregnyl 5000 online! It’s fast and secure.

Apply Pregnyl is recommended during, as well as after the completion of the steroid course. The preparation is dissolved with the help of a special solvent, which goes in the package, and then very gently and slowly injected into the muscle fiber.

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