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Pregnil 5000, Organon (Holland, Pakistan, Egypt)

Pregnil 5000
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Pregnyl 5000

Pregnyl 5000 is of non-steroidal nature, present in injectable form, widely used by athletes to have a stimulating effect on the production of testosterone.


It is known as the most effective drug hormonal group. Before buying, a charming manner must consult with your coach, because its composition includes female hormones.


This drug is recommended for professional sportsmen for active muscle growth, increased endurance. Pregnyl has a positive effect on all internal organs, life support systems of the human body. Product combinations with Proviron or Clomed.


Positive effects:


Activation testosterone;


Easy recovery;


Prophylaxis testicles' reduction


Endurance to loads.


The injection injected into muscle tissue. If this dosage is calculated correctly, there will be no side symptomatology.


The main component is chorionic gonadotropin, stimulating male sex cells, based on which this substance is combined with steroid preparations.


The drug leads to the normal male hormone secretion. For medical purposes, it is used to treat infertility,  men/women both,  in delaying sexual side development.


In sports practice, the preparation helps to achieve recovery after the training process, also does not give rise to such an undesirable effect as atrophic changes in the testes. Important advantage - increases its testosterone levels.


Pregnil 5000


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