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PRIM 100
PRIM 100
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All about PRIM 100


PRIM 100 (Methenolone Enanthate) from Geber Pharmaceuticals

PRIM 100 (Methenolone) is produced under the trademark Primobolan. It is a steroid drug with anabolic and androgen action of, derived from dihydrotestosterone. It has an mild effect. PRIM 100 released in the injections.

Its action lasts a short time, which is about 5 hours. The main positive quality of PRIM 100 is the absence of side effects. PRIM 100 also doesn’t affect liver.

The steroid profile of the drug is 88% of the action of the anabolic and 44% of the androgen from testosterone. It is not converted to estrogen, does not affect the liver. The active effect of the drug is about 10-14 (injection) and 4-6 hours (tablets). On doping control, about 6 months (injections), 5-6 weeks (tablets) are detected.


The effectiveness of taking Methenolone


The effectiveness of the reception is in the following characteristics:

·Increase muscle mass gain;

·Increase in strength;

·Fatty layer reduction;

·Appearance of relief;

·Drawing of venous tissue.

The effect of anabolic is equated with decanoate. The steroid is used mainly for drying, in order to preserve the already existing mass. The phenomenon of recoil is almost absent.


Course of taking the drug


The drug Methenolone is well used to preserve the result of muscle mass and the drawing of veins. Therefore, the drug is widely used by athletes. To start taking the drug, you need to consult a specialist.

The intake of the drug on an individual basis is 6-8 weeks. The dose for the oral form is from 50 to 100 milligrams per day, for the injection form - up to 400 milligrams weekly. After the end of taking Methenolone on 2-3 days, PCT is started, and for Primobolan Depot at 3 weeks after the end of the injection.

When combined, Nandrolone, various testosterones, Oxymetholone, Sustanon and Methandrostenolone are added to the course, Winstrol is used for "drying". For muscle mass, the most optimal and safe course is Methenolone with Nandrolone. The phenomenon of recoil is very low and does not cause side effects. Mixing several drugs with Methenolone immediately does not make sense, and the dosage should be reduced 2 times. Such a scheme will be safe and will achieve synergy.


Women are recommended to take the drug solo


Athletes' reviews speak of a good fat burning effect, relief and venous musculature. Power indicators become excellent. Female athletes respond as an effective drug, the correct reception of which is absolutely safe.

Also, Methenolone is a substance that practically does not inhibit the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular Chain (GGTC), although the question of how much this substance can affect GGTT remains open. Therefore, bodybuilders use this drug as a safe steroid between the use of steroids and breaks between training cycles to maintain weight and strength. The use of such a scheme for a long time is dangerous and can lead to suppression of GGTs. According to rumors, the safe steroid, the practice of using methenolone bodybuilders in America began Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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