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Primobolan, British Dragon

Producer: British Dragon
Model: 10 ml/100mg
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About the drug

Every bodybuilder should buy Primabolan, an anabolic steroid previously produced exclusively as an injection, is now available, however, in the form of tablets.

Not designed for a solid set of muscle mass, this drug has low anabolic activity, as well as very low androgenic activity. Designed for athletes preparing for competitions, it is ideal for pre-training, while in the off-season period, another type of steroids may be more appropriate.

Another property that favorably allocates primobalans: it does not aromatize at all, therefore, there is no danger of estrogenic effects.


In is strongly recommended to buy Primabolan for bodybuilders. It’s the best drug in such kind of sport for beginners, designed to increase the results in the growth and structuring of muscle mass, strength and endurance. Minimal side effects, high anabolic properties and lack of fluid retention make Primor from Vermodje SRL ideal for beginners' courses. Excellent proved itself in periods of drying, when it is necessary to maintain the quality of muscle mass, increasing the relief. The immediate effect of the use of the substance is the burning of the fatty layer, the removal of fluid from the tissues and the shock formation of the muscular relief.

Dosage and Expected Resul

Primabolan is best for men at a daily dosage of 75-150 mg. Probably the most appropriate combination of primobolana with other drugs - non-aromatizing androgens like halotest or trenbolone. Thus, it is possible to achieve an optimum combination of quantity and quality when mass is being collected. The combination of the Primabolan with methandrostenol or oxymethanol will give an even greater increase in net muscle mass, but the quality will suffer somewhat.

By the way, primobolan - one of the most common drugs among women, for which the standard daily dosage is from 50 to 75 mg. It is quite compatible with oxandrolone or stanazolol, but here it is necessary to exercise some caution - if the dosage is excessively exceeded, the drug may cause virilization. Primabolan is administered exclusively for each athlete. Independent experiments with the drug are undesirable.

Precautions and Side Effects

Primabolan is not aromatized and has extremely low toxicity for the liver. The overall negative side effects are vanishingly small, their manifestations are very rare and almost invisible. This is due to the composition of the substance and its effect on the metabolic system. It is not converted into either estrogen or dihydrotestosterone. For safety of use, the drug approaches nandrolone.

Negative adverse manifestations you can get, only repeatedly exceeding the recommended dose, disrupting the sequence of admission and neglecting a specialized sports diet. On the course there is no danger of earning as a "pobochka" gynecomastia or swelling, very rarely also occurs and a violation of the sebaceous glands, eruptions and irritation. Buy Primabolan online in our shop. The reasone is beceause it has almost no effect on the level of natural testosterone, which does not require its combination with antiestrogen drugs. The primer will give a much greater and tangible effect than testosterone in the same dosage, without doing any harm or inconvenience to the body of the athlete.

Remember, the dosage and the period of taking the drug is prescribed only by a medical specialist. Independent change in course or overdose may adversely affect your health.

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