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Proviron Bayer, Bayer Schering Pharma

Proviron Bayer
Model: Mesterolonum
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20 Tablets
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Proviron Bayer

Proviron is a popular androgenic drug that helps to fill testosterone's lack. It stimulates the growth of muscle mass improves bone structure, contributes strength. Its active substance is Placeolone.


This medicament refers to synthetic androgens. Medicine recommends this medication for a lack of male sex hormones. It is used by athletes to normalize testosterone levels.  Proviron increase potency, desire during or after the steroids course.


Proviron does not allow the steroid's aromatization, preventing the accumulation of water, gynecomastia development. It doesn't overlap estrogen receptors.




Improves the effectiveness of many flavored steroid courses


Minimizes risk of female pimples


Under certain conditions, it is an antiestrogen


Improves the response of androgen receptors


Women who have a naturally elevated estrogen level use Proviron together with anabolics, seeking to increase muscle density. Bodybuilding used prodrone at 25 mg per day for several weeks or even months, but today they replace it with clenbuterol, which does not provoke virilization. It’s important to buy preparations online only on trust websites.


For men can be considered 50 mg (2 tablets). But sometimes you can take one tablet. When combined with Nolvadex, it is possible to achieve the elimination of estrogens almost completely. The best effect of Fludestrin and Proviron. but.


Proper dosage seldom leads to side effects, which characterizes this drug as almost safe. For the medication reviews are mostly positive.



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