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Proviron Bayer
Proviron Bayer
Model: Mesterolonum
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About the drug

Proviron is a very popular androgenic drug that helps to fill the lack of testosterone in the body. It stimulates the growth of muscle mass improves bone structure and contributes to the increase in strength. The most popular among bodybuilders and athletes who want to increase their strengths. The active substance of Proviron is the placeolone.

Proviron refers to synthetic androgens. It goes on sale in the form of tablets. Medicine recommends the use of this medication for violations that were caused by a lack of male sex hormones. Proviron is used by athletes to normalize the level of testosterone (after first taking a course of steroids). The drug does not cause an increase in testosterone production directly, but it reduces or completely eliminates the disorders caused by its lack. This is clearly seen in the violation of potency or infertility, which occurred after stopping the use of anabolic drugs and a decrease in the quality and quantity of sperm production. The use of proviron increases potency and desire during or after the course of steroids, but does not retain strength and weight, which will require other drugs.


Working and Positive Effects


Proviron does not allow the aromatization of steroids, preventing the accumulation of water and the development of gynecomastia. Its difference lies in the fact that it does not overlap the estrogen receptors, but it blocks the appearance of estrogens, and there is no reverse effect on stopping the medication. Other drugs eliminate the symptoms of aromatization, and procion eliminates the cause of its appearance. Also in a good contrast: the drug is preferable for men who are actively involved in sports, as it increases testosterone and muscle hardness, while retaining some concentration of estrogens. When combining proviron with diet preparation for the competition will be most effective.

Features of Proviron:


•Improves the effectiveness of many flavored steroid courses

•Minimizes the risk of female pimples during a course based on a mix of drugs

•Under certain conditions, it is an antiestrogen

•Improves the response of androgen receptors


Dosage and Expected Result


Women who have a naturally elevated level of estrogen use proviron together with anabolics, seeking to increase muscle density. Bodybuilding women used prodrone at 25 mg per day and for several weeks, or even months, but today they replace it with clenbuterol, which does not provoke virilization unlike proviron. It’s important to buy Proviron online only on websites you trust to.

Proviron for men can be considered 50 mg per day (2 tablets), one tablet in the morning and evening, respectively. But sometimes it is possible to take one tablet a day. When combined with proviron and nolvadex each day for 50 and 20 mg, respectively, it is possible to achieve the elimination of estrogens almost completely. The best effect is the use of fludestrin and proviron every day for 500-100 and 50 mg, respectively. But, since, fludestrin is an expensive drug, athletes rarely use it.

Proper dosage of proviron very rarely leads to side effects, which characterizes this drug as almost safe. If the recommended dosage is taken, the medicine does not have destructive effects on the liver. A significant increase in the dose may provoke swelling due to water retention and electrolytes in the body. But the use of 2-4 tablets a day does not lead to such results. Buy Proviron online in our store for the best price.

For the drug, proviron, the reviews are mostly positive. If you follow all the rules for taking the drug, the result is always excellent. Athletes note that the drug is well tolerated by the liver and in these dosages there will be no liver function impairment.

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