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Producer: Vermodje SRL
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25 Tablets
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Proviron-ver is a preparation that consists of active substance mesterolone. "Ver" -  produced by the Vermodje company, Moldova.  Proviron - a synthetic real-life androgen, doesn't have anabolic qualities.


This preparation is a tablet anti-estrogen, which is not a steroid, therefore, it has no anabolic properties.  Proviron reduces the sensitivity receptors' estrogen, which doubly increases its efficacy when the circulating estrogen levels are weakened,  expansion testosterone potential. It's a multifunctional medication, allows bodybuilders to solve several problems.


Proviron-Ver, binds to the globulin, which in turn binds the sex hormones,  it can increase the level of free testosterone in the blood, due to this, anabolism increases substantially.


Take proborone to increase libido in courses of drugs that can reduce your sexual potential. Thus, the usage of Proviron-Ver will be justified when nandrolones as well as trenbolones that are used. Similarly, if your libido is low, usage Proviron will also be justified in post-course therapy, for example, together with tamoxifen or Clomid.

It uses for those athletes during the period of precompetitive training increasing stiffness, musculature, give muscle relief. Your daily dose is divided and two doses, taken after meals. If necessary,  raised to 100 mg.


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