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About the drug

Saizen (Somatotropin) is a growth hormone, which is created artificially. Actually, we are talking about him now. In composition and action, it is not inferior to the natural analog, but when treating a number of diseases, it can not completely substitute a human.

But in sports, a medical hormone is considered almost indispensable. Identify the name of the purpose of such a substance will not be difficult. But you should know that it is produced by the pituitary gland to activate the growth of a person. In large quantities can be found in the child's body. Adolescence is the maximum availability.

Saizen creates all the conditions for building muscle mass. The hormone burns fat, stimulates the growth of muscles and connective tissues. Scientists have proved that these two processes are closely related, the muscles acquire volume and relief due to fat cells.

Bodybuilders are interested in exactly this. After all, the use of somatotropin is prohibited at competitions. He was placed in the category of doping.


Working and Positive Effects


Saizen is a product of modern genetic engineering, which provided an opportunity to replenish the human body's lack of its own growth hormone (GH). It is completely identical to somatotropin - a hormone produced in the human pituitary gland.

Like its own GR, saizen, when used correctly, has a number of positive effects on the body:

•Normalizes the synthesis of protein in the body;

•Accelerates the regeneration and renewal of cells;

•Has protective properties with respect to muscle fibers;

•Stimulates the strengthening and growth of skeletal bones;

•Acts as an anabolic (accelerator of growth of dry muscle tissue) and a metabolic normalizer.


Athletes who have decided to buy sausen and use it in recommended doses, notice a marked decrease in subcutaneous tissue, improve elasticity and relief of muscle tissue, strengthen bones and improve the appearance of hair, nails and skin. Sizen can be combined with other anabolic drugs for synergistic effect. A positive result when used with peptides in a binder is achieved more quickly and with less monetary costs. If you are looking for an original product, buy Saizen online in our store and get premium quality for an affordable price.


Dosage and Expected Result


As stated in the prepared for saizen instructions, this drug is injected under the skin using insulin syringes. At one time, you can enter 0.5-1.5 mcg of Saizen, which is similar to your own level of somatotropin in the human body. It is noted that the drug introduced into the muscle is less effective than the applied subcutaneously.

Dry Saizen is diluted with saline or water for injection. It is important that all ingredients have room temperature and mix very slowly. The dissolution liquid must slowly flow down the inner walls of the vial. Do not shake the resulting mixture, but only slow rotation. After mixing the components, the drug should be left for 5 minutes until completely dissolved.

The duration of the saizen take 6 weeks is several months. To store the finished solution in the instructions to saizen recommend a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, as well as the absence of sunlight and moisture. The diluted product can be stored for 2-3 weeks.

Sizen is contraindicated for use by pregnant and lactating women, as well as people with oncological diseases. Genetically engineered growth hormone (growth hormone), acting on the epiphyseal plates of tubular bones, stimulates the growth of the bones of the skeleton, contributes to an increase in body weight. It is used as a substitution therapy in childhood in patients with a deficiency of endogenous STH (hypophyseal nanism). So don’t waste time. Buy Saizen online in our store start building your body today.

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