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We have been operating on the market for more than 7 years, during this time we have encountered the various degrees of difficulties and we have the experience to solve them! The most important thing in security is that customers always receive their order and be sure that they are not threatened by anything.

We have a special packaging which will establish a safe passage of the parcel to the customs under an X-ray scanner.

We mask drugs for other remedies that are not forbidden in your country, so that at the visual inspection there were no questions from the customs officers

Anonymity! We never disclose the personal data of our clients! After sending the order, we delete the purchaser data from the site.

We work with defended messengers to communicate with our patrons in order to avoid leakage of information.

To allow the completely freedom to our shopper we always keep track of our departures and if we suspect that something went wrong, we inform the customer that he did not take the cargo! We send another package at our own expense, but according to another scheme, that a person would get it protected! We value our purchasers and constantly make advances to them!