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Should you take steroids?

Should you take steroids?


Open the rules of any internationally recognized sports organization, and you will see that it is strongly against the use of steroids by athletes - if you, as a competitor, are caught using them, you face a long-term disqualification and, possibly, deprivation of previously obtained titles. Professionals are well aware of this and try not to resort to steroid drugs, so as not to fall under sanctions for their use. However, many people want to be strong and beautiful, who do not set themselves any other goals - without participating in competitions, they can take steroids. True, you are unlikely to buy such a drug in pharmacies, because regulatory authorities nod towards side effects of steroids and their lack of state certification. We decided to find out if everything is really that scary.


Why are steroids criticized?


Paradoxically, one of the main arguments against steroid drugs is that they are of "unknown origin." Follow the logic: large pharmaceutical companies do not want to take on the manufacture of such substances, and then talk about their dangers, referring to the fact that "it is not clear who made them and by what technology."


If not to sarcasm, but to look at the situation objectively, we have to admit that steroids side effects are not fiction. However, it is not worth making a huge problem out of this, because there is not a single legal drug that would be deprived of them. In addition, steroids are a large group of substances, and none of them has all the side effects at once, which we will consider below. Again, some undesirable effects are caused not so much by taking the drug as such, but by the wrong dosage or combination of one steroid with another. In some cases, a predisposition to certain things also interferes, so the conclusion is simple: steroids do have side effects, but you should not demonize them, especially since some popular formulas are much safer than steroids on average.


If we talk about specific risks, then most often they mention the following probable problems from taking steroids (we remind you that they do not develop in all athletes and do not necessarily have a pronounced severity):


  • fast "landing" of the liver and kidneys due to the intense load on these organs in the process of splitting and excretion of steroid drugs;
  • acne in those who are predisposed to this, and hair loss due to an overdose of popular androgenic drugs;
  • decrease in basic sexual functions and fertility associated with hormonal imbalances in the body under the influence of steroid replacement therapy;
  • an increased likelihood of obesity and damage to the very pumped-up figure for which the athlete took steroids, with the logically following problems of the cardiovascular system;
  • disorders of the nervous system, among which the most famous is "steroid rage", although mania with depression can be reached;
  • the development of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as an increased likelihood of the formation of oncological tumors.


Thus, there is a certain risk from taking steroids, especially if it happens uncontrollably, but, objectively, even taking regular aspirin can be harmful. Therefore, each person decides for himself whether to take steroids or not, but this must be done consciously and with an understanding of the risks.