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SildiSoft 100 MG, SildiSoft 100 MG

SildiSoft 100 MG
Model: 100 mg
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Buy SildiSoft (100) to feel more confident

With age, a man encounters a so-called "decline of power," while the desire to enjoy sexual intercourse is still present. Fortunately, Viagra comes to the rescue. With the development and active distribution of Viagra, analogues appeared on the pharmaceutical market. SildiSoft can be considered as one of the analogs. It has no difference from Viagra, but is inferior in pricing because it is cheaper.

What is the peculiarity of SildiSoft?

The peculiarity of this drug is that it is a generic of all known Viagra, which is available in the form of tablets for resorption. On the market there are several options for the production of a substance to enhance potency. It can be tablets, jellies and capsules.

So what is the difference between SildiSoft from other analogues:

  • SildiSoft starts to operate 5-10 minutes faster than its counterparts;
  • it does not require additional attributes for reception, such as water, a glass, a spoon;
  • SildiSoft can be taken as a candy;
  • by dissolving into a tablet, the active substance gets into the blood faster than its counterparts.

The drug acts on the same principle as Viagra, due to one active substance - sildenafil. With the help of sildenafil, the penis is filled with blood and ready for a sexual act. In healthy men, this process occurs faster at the time of excitement.

It is important to know! Before using the drug, you should always consult with a specialist. It is contraindicated to take this remedy with sensitivity to the active ingredient, because an allergic reaction is possible. It is not recommended to take this medication to men who have heart problems, or have had a heart attack or stroke. It is worth remembering that the drug also affects the kidneys and the liver, and should not be taken to men who have problems with the above organs. And lastly, men who have limitations in sexual activity and physical activity should not take the drug.

Mode of application

For 40-50 minutes before sexual intercourse, take one tablet, dissolving it under the tongue. Due to the fact that the active substance enters the bloodstream more quickly, the excitation of the penis occurs more quickly. Unlike analogues, SildiSoft does not need to be washed down with water. The optimal dose is only one tablet per day. Act will be long enough to fully enjoy sexual intercourse – up to 5 hours. It is not recommended to combine with alcohol, but not more than one glass of champagne is allowed.

Reviews of men who took the drug are positive. Unfortunately, many of them faced this problem gradually, and then completely lost the opportunity to be excited naturally. Nevertheless, many find salvation in the reception of SildiSoft, thereby satisfying their needs and giving pleasure to the fair sex. Some people use this drug in order to increase the frequency of the sexual act per day, even at the request of women for delivery of orgasm.

That is why summing up, it is worth noting that SildiSoft is one of the best analogues of Viagra in the pharmaceutical market. Due to the peculiarities of taking the medicine, the result comes faster than from taking the pill by the usual method. SildiSoft will serve as an excellent assistant in the field of excitement, delivery and enjoyment of sexual contact. Together with SildiSoft you are guaranteed the longest erection and quality result.

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