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SP Boldenon, SP Laboratories (SP Labs)

SP Boldenon
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About the drug

SP Equipoise is a synthetic steroid drug (derivative of the male hormone testosterone). Equipoise 200 as well as most of these drugs has a powerful anabolic effect in combination with light estrogenic and androgenic properties. Equipoise, to be more precise, its active substance boldenone undsilenate has the ability to stabilize the level of nitrogen balance (increased protein synthesis and normalization of appetite). Equipoise is a rare preparation completely eliminated from problems associated with aromatization.

A distinctive feature of this drug is that it is quickly excreted from the body which is very convenient for athletes who are preparing for competitions. 5 to 8 weeks is needed for doping control to show a positive result. This contributes to the fact that the answer effectively uses a course based on this asteroid for muscle building and increasing strength.

Working and Positive Effects

Effects of taking SP Equipoise:

  • Qualitative set of muscle mass. At the same time, the effect unfolds gradually (undlessilenat - very long ether, with a 1 atom longer than decanoate);
  • Increase in strength indicators;
  • Increased appetite.

Most beginning athletes who are just trying to find an effective course will be obviously delighted by the fact that buying this drug does not require significant monetary expenditure. Buy SP Equipoise online and became as strong as Hulk.

The first course of steroids based on this drug will be as effective as it is available at a price. In addition, the positive effect of training together with this steroid will be noticeable after 3 weeks. Muscle pump, increase in strength and bone structure strengthening can pleasantly please any athlete. This fact distinguishes SP Equipoise from all others, as it is very important for each athlete to keep the achieved result and not to lose muscle mass after the completion of the course of drug use. Since the drug is injected, the liver and stomach do not have a negative effect. In this regard, the drug is absolutely harmless, which cannot but please any athlete who combines many medications to a single course.

Dosage and Expected Result

The course of taking the drug lasts on average from 4 to 6 mm. The average daily projection is from 200 to 400 mg. Do not exceed these figures and without the permission of the doctor with an increase in Cerucal injection, an unpleasant side reaction of the body may occur. Also, you should not combine this asteroid with other medications with which you do not know the effect. At the same time, minimal injections should be avoided, as they will not yield tangible results.

Western chemists discovered such a remarkable preparation as Equipoise (Boldenon undsilenate) even 15 years ago, although this drug was created for veterinary use, in order to increase the appetite of cattle and, accordingly, a quick set of weights. But what is good for our smaller brothers is good for us. Preparations are created for people who often roam to the side of veterinary medicine, in turn; the preps created for animals are successfully used to treat humans. Many bodybuilders are happy to notice the fact that the rollback of the body after the completion of the course of taking steroids is minimal or not at all.

At us Equipoise has not received wide distribution only because of small information of the interested population and a heap of inconsistent information. But recently, with the accumulation of experience of both practical and theoretical information, Equipoise JV is becoming more and more popular. Buy SP Equipoise online and pump your muscles!

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