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Drostanolone enanthate, SP Laboratories (SP Labs)

Drostanolone enanthate
Model: Drostanolone enanthate
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About the drug

Not all anabolic steroids are used to gain weight. Such drugs as Masteron Enanthate (based on Drostanolon) - was created initially to treat breast cancer. But the androgenic effect and virilization in women led to the exclusion of Masteron from the remedies for this disease, but turned the drug into a popular steroid. Masteron can be bought by anyone: a professional sportsman and a beginner who wants to get the effect of hiking to the gym as quickly as possible.

Masteron Enanthate is very popular with athletes as it allows to achieve significant results in a short period of time and does not have large side effects at a reasonable dosage and a competent combination with other drugs and pharmaceutical additives. Another undeniable advantage is the affordable price of the drug that expands the circle of potential buyers who want to use it along with other drugs during their course of taking steroids.

Working and Positive Effects

Bodybuilders often use this means, in order to put themselves in order before the competition. The main properties of the Masteron Enanthate:

  • Masteron suppresses catabolism;
  • Has a diuretic effect;
  • Effectively burns fat;
  • Significantly increases strength and endurance;
  • Gives a beautiful look to the muscles: allows you to keep them even on a diet.

Since Masteron does not aromatize, its main use in bodybuilding is preparation for competitions. During this period, when the bodybuilder is on a low-calorie diet and uses various fat burners, Masteron is used to preserve muscle mass, endurance, and maintains the intensity of the training process. Thanks to Masteron Enanthate, the athlete's muscles look firm, filled, maximally contoured. Of course, for serious results in performances, Masteron alone is not enough, and in the drying period it is combined with Trenbolone, Stanozolol, Testosterone Propionate. If the dosage is correctly maintained, the potential for side effects is limited and reduced to zero.

It is very important to make the right diet and combine together with active physical activities and sports nutrition. Before starting the course of taking this drug, consult a doctor about personal tolerability and about the possibility of combining masteron enanthate with other steroids. Beware of fakes. Buy medicines only in proven stores with a good reputation. Any questions you may have, you can ask an online consultant. Buy Masteron Enanthate online and create your perfect body!

Dosage and Expected Result 

Has a fat burning effect, promotes hardness and muscle relief, since it does not cause fluid retention in the body, leads to an increase in strength indicators. This is an injectable preparation of 50 and 100 mg / ml in an ampoule. The optimal dosage of the drug is 400-500 mg per week, an increase in dosage to a visible improvement in the results does not. Injections should be given every other day, usually 3 times a week.

Despite the excellent fat burning properties, the master has a number of side effects, such as aggression, the appearance of acne, baldness, in women - virilization, and in men - prostate hypertrophy. It has no typical side effects for anabolic steroids, such as increased blood pressure, fluid retention, and liver function disorders, a drug.It is very important to follow the dosage prescribed by your doctor and do not combine this drug with other drugs. If the permissible daily dosage is exceeded, side effects may occur. Also consult your doctor if possible with other drugs. This can have a positive effect. Buy Masteron Enanthate online and start training harder!

Athletes love this drug, but in minimal dosages it is practically not determined in doping tests. However, the drug is able to accelerate your result in bodybuilding.

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