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SP Masteron, SP Laboratories (SP Labs)

SP Masteron
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About the drug

SP Masteron is a very popular steroid based on ether. Many trainers and sports analysts choose it as a basic element in their steroid complexes. Because of the small number of side effects, many doctors advise it as a basic drug for the first course of steroid therapy.

The original purpose of its use was to burn excess amount of subcutaneous fat, as well as create the body necessary relief, which for bodybuilders should always be in the first place. The use of masteron propionate was justified also as drying of the body, as well as for the collection of the optimal amount of muscle mass. But, given the opinion of many professional athletes, they are very doubtful that this remedy in some way can affect the collection of muscle mass.

Working and Positive Effects

SP Masteron is quite often included in courses aimed at "drying", as a "safe" substitute for injectable stanozolol.

And for a set of mass, you can combine "Masteron" together with testosterone. This approach will give an opportunity to gain "quality" muscle mass, without the delay of water, naturally provided a properly formulated diet.

Also, the master is one of the favorite steroids in many sports disciplines in which a significant increase in strength, speed, endurance, without increasing or slightly increasing body weight is necessary.

Track and field athletes, boxers, MMA fighters (mixed styles), no one "bypasses" drostanolone with their attention. Such popularity of the joint venture Masteron in professional sports is due to the fact that drostanolone from the SP laboratory, it is almost impossible to "catch" doping tests. Especially if you stop the course of the master for 6 weeks before passing the doping test.

Dosages of the masteron start at 200 mg, ending at 600 mg. in Week. Some, especially advanced athletes, can apply up to 1 gram of drostanolone per week.

Properties of SP Masteron:

  • optimal androgenic activity;
  • Increased muscle mass;
  • drying of the body;
  • muscle relief;
  • low effect on the liver;
  • does not cause dependence.

Dosage and Expected Result

If the athlete has not yet had the experience of taking Masteron, it is better to follow the recommended dose and not increase it. The course of reception of Masteron most often does not exceed 6-10 weeks, but can also increase up to 12 weeks. Buy SP Masteron online and start pumping your muscules!

When taking Masteron, you can not take anti-estrogenic drugs, since the active ingredient drostanolone does not aromatize. If there is a need to combine Masteron with any drug, Winstrol (stanozolol), which excels liquid from the body perfectly, will be an excellent option. In this combination of drugs the recommended dose of Winstrol first 50-100 mg daily or every other day, the dose of oral Winstrol throughout the week is increased from 10 to 30 mg. Masteron can be taken in the form of tablets and as injections, both of these forms of the drug by their action on the body give good results in combination with synthetic derivatives of testosterone.

If it is necessary to develop qualitative musculature, Masteron can be taken in combination with Boldenom. The only nuance in applying a combination of these two drugs is an increased appetite. So, if there is a need to observe the athlete's weight category, it is best to follow a diet. Be sure to consult a doctor about combining this drug with other drugs and develop a clear plan for admission. Do not exceed the prescribed dosage to avoid any negative effects. Correctly selected course of nutrition will accelerate the results of training. Buy SP Masteron online and start training right now!

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