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SP Primobol
SP Primobol
Model: 10 ml/100mg
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Primobol 10ml


About the drug

Primobol 10ml has an anabolic index similar to testosterone with a reduced androgenic index. This means that Primobol helps to raise the athletes' strengths quite effectively, including their energy and endurance levels, but it does not build up a significant amount of muscle mass with it. Despite this, Primobol is a very popular drug, because it is excellent for athletes in the process of "drying", and in addition it can be used to increase the productivity of training for beginners and even women. Such indications for use Primobol has due to its mild effect and complete absence of side effects from its use (naturally under the condition of moderate use according to the recommendations of a specialist).

Athletes who have already bought Primobol 10ml for training in the gym and who had the opportunity to assess the merits of this drug in essence note that the muscle mass in training with this steroid gets a clearly traced relief with a clearly marked venousity, which is the standard of beauty in a modern sports society. Such reviews about Primobol cannot but motivate to try to use it from their own experience, and therefore sales of this steroid are constantly growing.


Working and Positive Effects


All bodybuilders who purchase Primobolan want to gain a lot of muscle mass, will be disappointed, as this steroid is intended more for drying and maintaining the already muscled muscles. But when combined with other, properly selected drugs, you can get good results at the output with little or no side effects, and a set of quality meat will be confident and will remain with you after the course for a long time. Summing up, you can say, if you want to get a solid increase in mass on Primobolan, then ask our consultants about possible combined courses of steroids. And to use for this Primobolan solo will be more of a waste of money and time. Methenolone, as it is also called, is also available in tablet form. One of the distinguishing features of this drug is the injection method of input. This helps to avoid a negative effect on internal organs and ensure rapid movement of drugs by blood and instant digestibility.


Effects of the Primobol 10ml:


•increase stamina;

•increase in strength indicators;

•huge muscule pump.

Clenbuterol tablets are not required after the course.


Dosage and Expected Result


The minimum effective weekly dose of Primobol is 200 milligrams, but many personal trainers increase this dose for their wards to 400 milligrams per week or even slightly more. Everything depends on their experience and current physical preparation. As for women, their maximum permissible dosage of Primobol is at the level of 100 milligrams per week, and often half the dosage is used at the level of 50 milligrams.

The increase in dosage will not lead to an increase in the effectiveness of Primobol, but it is likely to cause side effects associated with suppressing the production of natural testosterone in the body, as well as associated with the appearance of an anke on the body, baldness on the head and vice versa, excessive body hair growth. Buy Primobol 10ml online on our website and start constructing your perfect body.

Beginners appreciate this drug for its high androgenic activity and for the absence of side effects when taking. Great results that can be achieved in a couple of months cannot but rejoice those who are just starting their steps in bodybuilding. However, the main problem for beginners is the desire to get more results in a short period. It is very important not to exceed the dose set in the standard dose to avoid side effects. Doctors trainers and specialists in the field of anabolic steroids recommend taking no more than 200 milliliters a day to beginners. Buy Primobol 10ml online and be the best in bodybuilding!

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