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SP Stanoject 10ml
SP Stanoject 10ml
Model: 50 mg
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SP Stanoject


About the drug

In addition to its sporting function, the SP Stanoject joint venture can also have a wide medicinal use. Its active substance was originally developed for the medical field (even used in veterinary medicine). Only afterwards it gained the greatest popularity as a doping agent for athletes. Indications for its medicinal use are: trauma, burn injuries, recovery after irradiation, infectious diseases or surgeries; difficulty in protein synthesis; Muscular dystrophy, toxic goiter and other disorders.

If you follow the recommendations of SP Stanoject almost does not cause side effects, typical for steroids. Possible here are increased cholesterol and blood pressure. Androgenic side effect on men steroid does not have a pronounced toxicity to the liver or estrogenic activity does not. A strong effect of the drug and a democratic price made from this asteroid a world-class sales leader. The drug is excreted from the body quite easily. What makes it especially convenient in the application to bodybuilding.


Working and Positive Effects


Stanoject produced by SP Laboratories is well combined with virtually any topical steroid in sports, from testosterone esters to nandrolone, depending on the uses of the drug. According to the reviews, it compares favorably with most analogues of other manufacturers or, at least, is not inferior to many of them in terms of the quality of production and the results achieved during the course.

The effect of SP Stanoject is in multiple improvements and is pronounced: it promotes quality muscle growth, improves physical performance, strength and endurance. During the injection, there is an improvement in the density and relief of the musculature, - the steroid shows a fat burning effect and ensures the removal of excess fluid from the body.


Effects of SP Stanoject:


•increased endurance in training;

•Increased muscle mass

•increase of power indicators.

Today, SP Stanoject is widely used in the bodybuilding environment, especially during the preparation for the competition. It is more expedient to take the drug, along with the regulation of the general diet and active physical training. The SP Stanoject course enhances the musculature, giving it firmness and firmness.

Injection SP Stanoject is suitable not only for preparation for competitions, but also in the off-season, during the build-up of muscle mass. It does not contribute to water retention, so rapid growth of body weight SP Stanoject is unlikely. And yet there is an increase in the musculature and an even stronger proportion of the upsurge in strength, which, as the drug is discontinued, often persists. Buy SP Stanoject online in our webstore for the best price!


Dosage and Expected Result


The active active ingredient SP Stanoject is dissolved not in an oily medium, as is usually the case with anabolic steroid type, but in water. That is why, the frequency of injection in the case in this drug should be significantly higher. The half-life of SP Stanoject, to be more precise, of steroids dissolved in the aquatic environment, is significantly lower than that of other types of steroids, on an oil base. They get into the bloodstream faster, but also, they are quickly withdrawn from it, ceasing to function. This is the reason for the need for frequent administration of the drug.

Since Stanozolol is not estrogenic, the use of antiestrogens is not required. With the use of this steroid, almost no gynecomastia occurs even in the most sensitive patients. Since Stanozolol almost does not hold water, it is not worth worrying about excessive fat. This makes it indispensable for use in short courses, when water retention and subcutaneous fat are unacceptable. Buy SP Stanoject online and get the best quality!

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