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SP Sustanon 10ml, SP Laboratories (SP Labs)

SP Sustanon 10ml
Model: Testosterone Mix 10 ml/250 mg
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10 ampoules
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About the drug

Steroid SP Sustanon - one of the preprates, which have a high anabolic and androgenic index. It evenly and powerfully affects the body, providing a strong, but at the same time, smooth effect from the application of the course. The active component of this drug is not one but four testosterone esters: testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone decanoate, testosterone propionate and testosterone isocaproate. The presence of such a palette of different testosterone esters and predetermines its universal powerful and lasting effect on the body. Most often, this drug is used for sporting purposes, but it should not be neglected as a remedy. With this steroid, you can quickly gain muscle mass, as well as increase your endurance and performance, improve your appetite. In medicine, it is used to strengthen immunity, as well as to increase libido in the course, as well as substitution therapy.

Working and Positive Effects

The secret of the effectiveness of the drug is hidden in the competent combination of substances that are the basis of this drug (recall that these are four testosterone esters). Thanks to this combination, the drug has a long period of impact on the body, the effect it has - very powerful, but very soft and uniform, which makes the course comfortable. The period of activity of the drug is approximately three full weeks. This is not only an indication of the steroid's power, but also makes it clear that there is no need to inject testosterone testosterone injections too often, most often once every five days.

Effects of the SP Sustanon:

  • increase strength and endurance;
  • the best strengths for training;
  • body strengthening;
  • sexual activity.

It should also say a few words about the storage conditions of the SP Sustanon. Despite the fact that the drug is based on four active components that have different properties, this does not particularly affect the requirements for steroid storage conditions. First, you need to store it in a dry, dark, protected from direct sunlight, at a temperature that corresponds to room indices. Secondly. When choosing the storage location for a package with a steroid, pay attention to whether children or pets can reach it. If such a risk exists, change the chosen location to a safer place.

On the course, this steroid is used as a solo (while showing excellent results), and in ligaments with other steroids (with the results even better). Buy SP Sustanon online and be the one who will change the world of bodybuilding!

Dosage and Expected Result

In addition, it should be noted that the use of the drug for sporting purposes is recommended only to representatives of the stronger sex. For women, the use of this drug is contraindicated, since it is fraught with serious consequences in the form of virilization (signs - a decrease in timbre rapid growth of hair on the body and face, an increase in the size of the clitoris, etc.).

Naturally, since the drug has a strong androgenicity, side effects can occur in men, but the likelihood of such a development is much less. Than in the case of women, this is the first, and secondly - the side effects of men are of a completely different nature. So, most often in the male part of the host may appear acne, greasiness of the skin, hair loss of the scalp and their growth on the body.

Among other things, as well as its components, a mix of testosterone esters is prone to aromatization. This means that in connection with taking this medication, the athlete may experience such unpleasant side effects as gynecomastia, the growth of subcutaneous adipose tissue, the retention of water in the body (often to prevent or eliminate such effects, athletes resort to anti-oestrogenic drugs such as Clomid or Tamoxifen). Buy SP Sustanon online and reach the highest result!

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