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SP Testosterona C 10ml, SP Laboratories (SP Labs)

SP Testosterona C 10ml
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About the drug

SP Testosteron C 10ml is a powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid drug produced by the pharmacological company SP Laboratories. Its active ingredient is the testosterone cypionate ester (a steroid dissolved in oil having properties similar to the enanthate ester), providing a lasting and uniform effect lasting on average about half a month.

There are among the effects of this anabolic and androgen and other beneficial effects, for example, increased appetite, strengthening bones and improving the function of the joints.

The precursors of the described preparation, created on the same active substance, appeared in the western market of pharmacology in the middle of the XXth century (the first such steroid was released in the 50s by Pharmacia & Upjohn). Initially, they were not very popular, because athletes saw in the cypionate only a substitute enanthate with similar properties.

Working and Positive Effects

SP Testosteron C 10ml is primarily a powerful anabolic and androgen (its anabolic and androgenic capacity, by the way, fully correspond to that in endogenous testosterone). Moreover, it can boast a prolonged and uniform effect, lasting on average from fifteen to sixteen days (the half-life period is about six to eight days). This feature relieves the athlete from the need to perform frequent injections. In most cases, injections of cypionate are done once a week. Buy SP Testosteron C 10ml online and start training right now!

It is also known that SP Testosteron C 10ml, like other testosterone steroid esters, has multiple and diverse effects that can be useful not only to athletes within sports practice, but also in everyday life:

  • It provides rapid growth of muscle mass;
  • Significantly increases the athlete's strengths;
  • Increases appetite without a false sense of hunger;
  • Improves the function of the joints (achievable due to the accumulation of water);
  • Strengthens the bones and the whole skeleton;
  • Improves overall vitality and enhances the desire to exercise.

Important: despite the powerful and diverse useful action, buy SP Testosteron C 10ml online and you can exhibit certain side effects, which should not be forgotten. In particular, as a flavoring steroid, it can lead to the appearance of estrogenic bad effects, among which appear such deviations as the accumulation of fluids in the body, gynecomastia and an increase in fatty layer.

Dosage and Expected Result

In most cases, athletes use the described steroid drug in courses aimed at gaining muscle mass and increasing strength. There are other advantages from its application, in particular, a tangible increase in appetite and strengthening of the joints. Note that the use of this drug is often combined with other steroids, from turinobol to boldenone (this is done to increase the overall effectiveness and effectiveness of the course).

Use 250-500 mg of steroid per week. Inject every seven days, and all because the long enough period of activity - about 15-16 days from the time of admission. Be careful with combining the steroid with other drugs. In general, such volumes, frequency and duration of reception is sufficient for the development of the desired spectrum of testosterone effects.

It is important to say: the doses of the drug necessary for injection are easily calculated, because it has a fairly convenient concentration of the active substance, which allows avoiding errors in dosing - 200 mg per 1 ml. So, for the introduction of the recommended dosage of 500 mg, you need exactly 2.5 ml of the drug, for a dose of 250 mg - 1.25 ml, and so on. The figures are more or less even, so it's almost impossible to get confused and make mistakes here.

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