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SP Propionate


About the drug

A lot of athletes, sportsmen and bodybuilders around the world choose SP propionate for regular steroid courses. Such insane popularity among athletes is due to the fact that this drug is based on growth hormone, which is naturally produced in the human body. It follows from this that the drug is absolutely safe for the body and has obvious anabolic effects, such as an increase in the weight of the increase in strength, strengthening of the bone structure and increased libido.


Working and Positive Effects


Many athletes and bodybuilders who decided to buy SP Propionate online are well acquainted with the excellent anabolic effect of this steroid which is manifested during the course of admission. In particular, this drug is popular in the preparation for athletes due to a number of positive qualities:

•Сontributes to the reduction of subcutaneous fat forms;

•Increases dry muscle mass;

•Сauses muscular pamp and increases endurance and strengths;

•Help to increase appetite, strength end immunity;

•Practically does not have a negative effect on the body;

•Improves the cardiovascular muscle.


Injection of the drug should be done 2-3 times a week due to the fact that the drug has a property to quickly assimilate. This will help you more effectively conduct training because the effect of taking the drug will be immediately. This SP propionate favorably differs from other products.

Since the drug is administered intramuscularly, do not be afraid of negative effects on the liver and kidneys, as well as the stomach. This type of steroid will help get rid of the many possible problems associated with classic oral steroids.

However, it is important to highlight not only the positive, but also the side effects of SP Propionate, which may occur during the course. First, testosterone propionate is able to reduce the production of its own testosterone by the body. Secondly, it has, albeit not very strong, but still some sort of aromatization. And, thirdly, they can tell about themselves the consequences of high androgenic activity of this anabolic: oily skin and some other abnormalities. Therefore, to minimize the side effect that is possible, athletes should use ancillary drugs - Proviron and Clomid / Tamoximed.


Also, we point out that all because of the same high anabolic activity testosterone is not recommended for use by female athletes. However, its propionate ether, on which SP Propionate for injection is based, is an exception to the rules - it can be used for sport purposes not only by men, but also by women. The main thing here is not to go beyond the minimum dosage 25-50 mg (maximum 100 mg) of SP Propionate per week. The drug can be injected directly into muscle fibers. Experienced athletes can inject into a vein to speed up the ingestion of steroids by the body. The reason you should buy SP Propionate online in our webstore is the pest price and fast delivery.


Dosage and Expected Result


One of the main features of this drug is its exceptional versatility. Depending on the combination of steroids and drugs, you can achieve both increased muscle mass and develop a weight loss course. Another positive nuance is the ability to build up a dry muscle mass. Depending on the needs of the result can be achieved in a relatively short period of time.

It should be remembered that side effects can be avoided if you follow the prescribing doctor's instructions. Do not combine this steroid with other pharmacological drugs whose purpose you do not know. In case of an overdose of the drug and the occurrence of side effects Contact your doctor immediately. Another important point is the fact that not all steroids are equally tolerated by the body. Come to the course of taking steroids very responsibly. During the course, do not forget about the abundant intake of food, since muscle mass is directly dependent on the diet.

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