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Stanover + Boldever Vermodje, Course of steroids

Stanover + Boldever Vermodje
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About the drug

Every year, more and more popular among athletes are combined courses of steroids. Because it is difficult enough without their help to achieve high results. It is important, after consulting with your doctor and guided by the recommendation of the trainer, to choose the course that will be able to solve all the tasks. The Stanover + Boldever Vermodje course is still called the course for a quality mass.

If you want to become a holder of a presentable, dry and dense terrain and pronounced musculature, without any water retention and unpleasant side effects, then this course will suit you perfectly. This combined course is an affordable option for athletes who need to dry and pump up their muscles. This course can be recommended for beginners because both drugs in the standard regimen are offered in medium dosages.

Working and Positive Effects 

According to reviews of athletes who have already tried Stanover + Boldever Vermodje, their reception allows to increase the overall musculature by 4 - 5 kg per course.

The advantages of the course:

  • Gradual and qualitative increase in muscle mass;
  • Long time of muscular preservation;
  • Formation of musculature with a minimum percentage of fat.

Do not forget about the proper planning of the training schedule, as well as eating a balanced healthy diet. Stanover + Boldever Vermodje in aggregate will give excellent maximum results. This combined course is an affordable option for athletes who need to dry and pump up their muscles.

Dosage and Expected Result

The Stanover + Boldever Vermodje course duration should not exceed 5 weeks. According to many reviews, the drugs are used in dosages that are safe for both beginners and middle-level athletes.

Oral Stanover should be taken 2 tablets per day during the first week of the course. In the 2nd week, 3 tablets of the drug should be drunk daily, in the third week - 4 pieces (and this is the maximum daily amount). At the 4th week the dosage should be 3 tablets per day, at the last, 5th, week - 2 pieces per day. Tablets should be washed down with water.

Injection steroid Boldever Vermodje must be stabbed on the same days of the week, choosing, for example, Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday. The dosage is 1 ml for 1 time. That is, the weekly norm should not exceed 2 ml. The syringe and needle can be used for 2 ml. Only with a standard needle is not insulin. The course includes: Stanover - 100 tab. + Boldever Vermodje - 10 ml. + Clomid - 20 tablets.

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