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Model: Stanozolol 1 Tablets/ 10 mg
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Stanozolol is anabolic, which can be also called Winstrol. Preparation was first released in 1962. Although it was originally applied veterinary medicine (on horses), today it is actively used by athletes, since its pronounced qualities. Stanox is a progesterone antagonist; however, it can't protect our body from negative nandrolone effects. This drug has a water base.

Other medication names: Strombageject, Stanover, Strombofort, Stromb, Nabolik, Stanazolik, Terabon, Menabol, Stanol, Cetabon. Winstrol in tableted form is high hepatotoxic.

Stanozolol is among the safest for women, because of its low androgenic index, but doesn't exclude its masculinization effect.
Preparation's plus is the lack of aromatization. Besides, there is moderate hepatoxicity, which is characteristic of both tablet and injectable form. Remember, Stanozol's period of detection in a person's blood is very high - 340 -360 days, therefore not recommended to take it if you are preparing competitions.

For medical purposes, medication was originally used as an effective remedy for anemia, restorative preparation for postoperative use, improving appetite, increasing the concentration of red blood cells. A little later it began to be used by veterinarians to strengthen sick, weak animals. Even later, the drug was taken in equestrian sport, to increase the endurance, speed, strength.

Stanazolol is very demanded among athletes since it has some features.

He doesn't greatly affect an athlete's weight but gives muscle elasticity, good relief while burning fat deposits.

As shown by scientific research, the take of the drug 0.2 mg per kilogram reduces globulin values by 50%.

So that steroid combinations with Stanozolol give much better results.

This preparation doesn't convert into estrogens, so such side effects as swelling, gynecomastia do not occur. Most often, there are such joint plain, ligament damage. To minimize this risk, you need to take Stanozolol in combination with Deca/ Testosterone.



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