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Stanozolol + Clenbuterol
Stanozolol + Clenbuterol
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Stanozolol + Clenbuterol


About the drug

The course for drying Stanozolol + Clenbuterol in the general is best for beginners. First of all, you are will cope with the entire main task.

This course was made taking into account the fact that a lot of newcomers are opponents of injections, so we picked up two great drugs that perfectly match and gives wonderful power for you.

The best way to carry out drying is achieved when the fat burning process is observed, and the musculature of the athlete does not lose its shape, constantly increasing its performance.


Working and Positive Effects


These two steroids don’t cause side effects, but are able to take for muscles great density and tightness.

The Stanozolol and Clenbuterol have low anabolic activity, which contributes to maintaining a certain increase in muscle volume with a high quality of the final result.


Characteristic of the Stanozolol + Clenbuterol course:


•Excellent anabolic properties;

•Muscle mass pump of 6-7 kg or more;

•Without side effects and aromatization;


Stanozolol can help ideally to increase your strength with stamina, and this immediately allows you to conduct intensive training. It is noteworthy that with heavy exercise the body will be able to recover faster.

Stanozolol supports the gradual growth of good quality muscles due to minimal anabolic activity.

You must know that this drug ensures complete absence of side effects. The fluid retention will be completely eliminated, due to the lack of androgenic action.

Due to the high intensity of training, extra calories will be burned much easier. Increased endurance, for example, can be used in the morning jogging, since you will now be easier to run a distance of 2 times, do not feel tired. Another athlete can observe on his body an increased muscle mass, which gives the body a sportiness and a general relief appearance.


Dosage and Expected Result


The course includes: Stanozolol 100 tab. + Clenbuterol 100 tab.

Stanozolol is characterized by the highest ability to keep the body's results achieved for a considerable period of time. Excellent characteristics of these drugs have become famous among many athletes. Clenbuterol promotes the better burning calories, so many beginners and pros prefer it. The task of Stanozolol is to build up parallel qualitative muscle mass without retaining fluid. After the course, beginners can get a beautiful body with a pumped muscle.

Take Clenbuterol better at first with 1 tablet daily for 3 days. Next, we take 2 tablets for the next 3 days (it is allowed to divide the dosage of drugs into 2 doses, taking 1 tablet in the morning and the second after lunch). Then increase the intake of 1 tablet. We get three tables a day, which are taken until the end of the course (can be divided into 3 receptions: morning, lunch and evening). Many athletes use this intense technique.

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