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Stanozolol + Testosterone Propionate 
Stanozolol + Testosterone Propionate 
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Stanozolol + Testosterone Propionate 


About the drug

Stanozolol and Testosterone Propionate course is well suited for beginners who want to get results from their training. The intake of these steroids provides not a large but steady increase in muscle mass throughout the entire intake course. This is especially liked by those who do not want everyone to see in you a person who sits on anabolic. The very process of muscle growth is really progressive, but at the same time it looks as natural as possible. It should be noted that during the reception of Stanozolol and testosterone propionate, a significant increase in strength is observed, which helps to constantly increase working weight, and this positively affects the increase in muscle mass. Also, the athlete gets the opportunity to conduct more intensive training, which does not pass without a trace. By using anabolic steroids, your body will be able to recover quickly after hard training, and the next day you can work even more intensively.


Working and Positive Effects


The course of Stanozolol (Strombofort) and Testosterone propionate is not expensive and very effective for the collection of quality and dry muscle mass. Pretty good for beginners, and for those athletes who are disappointed in the rapid collection of raw muscles from the intake of Methane and Decks. Of course, the process of muscle growth and strength will not look so fast, but this is due to the lack of fluid retention. You should understand that the drugs help to dry and therefore, initially, excess fluid and some fat deposits will be excreted. For the course of taking Stanozolol and Testosterone propionate, you can gain an average of 4 kg muscle mass, it's not much, but visually your body will get an athletic figure with pronounced musculature.

Characteristic of Stanozolol and Testosterone Propionate:


•Pretty good for beginners

•You can gain an average of 4 kg muscle mass;

•No aromatization;

•Minimum side effects.


Dosage and Expected Result

The course of admission is designed for 5 weeks, for this period, enough for 100 tab. Strombofort. As always, start the course is from a small dosage of 2 tab of Testosterone Propionate per day and gradually raise 4 tab. per day. Do not forget that the way out is recommended to do at a lower intake of Strombofort, see the table. Tablets can be taken at one time, or divided into equal receptions, for example, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It is recommended that separation be done, this option is considered more effective. It is best to do the reception before or after eating. You can take it under the tongue, or drink tablets with water. Stanozolol and Testosterone Propionate is taken every day, do not miss it!

This course includes: Strombofort 100 tab. + Testosterone propionate 9 amp. 2 ml each. + Clomid 20 tab.

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