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Stanozolol, Malay Tiger (Malaysia)

Model: Stanozolol 50 mg/1ml
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10 ml
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Generally About Stanozolol Medication

Stanozolol, better known as Winstrol, is an anabolic drug that is released in the form of tablets or injections. Stanozolol is the second most popular drug, which became known after Danabol.

What is Special About Stanozolol?

First of all, Stanozolol gained its popularity due to its mode of action. It helps stimulate muscle growth without water retention, which has become popular among bodybuilders and athletes. Initially, Stanozolol was used for animals, in particular for horses. It was later approved for use by people in order to sporting purposes.

  • Undoubtedly, bioavailability defined by product as well as free passage of the medication gone across the liver without destruction can be considered as the best advantage.
  • Medication practically has not side effects and because of this frequently the women can also use it.
  • But still, if the amount of the medication exceeds norm, masculinization is likely to appear.
  • You may experience specific effect after obtaining a course of the medication.
  • Starting from this point, the medication might cause active muscle growth, but after receiving a qualitative relief and venous traction is observed.
  • The fluids will be removed from the body because of the Stanozolol.
  • Your strength might be increased as well as the appetite.

Most often this medication is taken by the athletes among their drying period. As a result, bodybuilders and athletes receive the highest relief of the musculature. This medication is effective for those people, initially moderating the amount of the body fat and watching their weight of the body.

Apply This Medication Correctly

Before taking all anabolic drugs, you really need to consult your therapist.

If you take this anabolic in capsules, as well as in the injections form, then the normalized daily dosage is fifty milligrams. If the supplementary is taken onto the pills form, the maximum dosage available is 30 milligrams. Athletes, whose priority is increasing their endurance, might lower the daily dosage to10-20 milligrams daily. An average term of the intake varies in the terms of five to eight weeks. If the dosage or duration of the intake were exceeded, some side effects can manifest themselves. Firstly you will experience the side effects that might affect the joints. If we talk according to the danger of some side effects, the most common is the  pain you might experience in large joints, no longer than the damage to ligaments. And to avoid the mentioned side effects, you should take this medication in the conjunction including the course of testosterone or decks. Some side effects include an increased tension in your blood.

Cholesterol level also rises, which returns to normal while you will intake the Omega-3. It is quite possible, but rarely alopecia, deterioration among the production of your own testosterone and acne. When you use this medication in high doses, myocardial hypertrophy is possible. If you experience even the very first signs of the side effects, you definitely should consult a specialist.

We can mention that this anabolic works well in a combination with the other medications. As an example, there is a way for the athletes who are looking for the gaining of muscle mass. We recommend those people to combine this supplementary and the testosterone medications.

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