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STROMBAGED, Golden Dragon

Producer: Golden Dragon
Model: Stanozolol 1 tab/10 mg
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100 Tablets
39 $

Description of Strombaged

Strombaged tablets are the effective steroids with a high anabolic and moderate androgenic activity. These tablets are the oral form of stanozolol. The drug can be effectively used in sports practice, for example in athletics or bodybuilding for significant increase of strength and endurance, fat burning and high-quality musculature gaining.

The production of Strombaged in tablets of 10 mg is handled by Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals, a manufacturer that has recently appeared on our market but quickly became popular among sportsmen. The assortment of GoldenDragon products is quite wide, from injectable testosterone to methandienone for oral administration. The company's products are in good demand among many athletes all over the world. The active substance of this agent is steroid stanozolol. This anabolic was developed in the middle of the 20th century (in 1962) by Winthrop Laboratories, presumably for the therapeutic use. Strombaged tablets created on the basis of this steroid significantly help the athlete in improving his sports results. Their correct administration combined with appropriate training and nutrition can lead to significant improvements in physical health and strengthen the athlete's body. The main properties of the Strombaged are:

  • Increased strength indicators;
  • Increase the athlete's endurance;
  • Improving the quality of muscles (increase of the muscles relief);
  • Severe fat burning effect;
  • Removal of excess fluids from the athlete's body;
  • Increased appetite without a false sense of hunger.

It is important to say that the action of Strombaged in tablets is quite fast. The activity of the drug is felt almost immediately after the start of admission and on during the course gives significant improvements. However, the weak side of this steroid is that this anabolic does not last long. The period of its activity is about 8 hours since the last tablet admission. Therefore, in order to achieve the desired noticeable effect this drug is recommended to be taken on a daily basis.

It should also be noted that Strombaged 10mg has certain side effects also. In particular, an athlete using this steroid can feel high blood pressure or increased cholesterol in the blood. Also this steroid can cause the toxic effect for the athlete’s liver.

Strombaged. How to take?

Within the framework of sport (in bodybuilding, athletics and other disciplines) this drug can be effectively used to obtain high-quality musculature, fat burning and noticeable strength and endurance increase. This steroid can be used not only by men, but also by women. The recommended dosage of Strombaged in tablets for men is 10-50 mg daily (1-5 tablets per day, respectively). You should take the drug on a daily basis, because it does not have a very long period of validity (about 8 hours). Also you should note that courses based on this steroid last in average about 6 full weeks. A course of Strombaged tablets is almost never conducted in solo. Usually athletes combine this drug with other AAS from testosterone esters to trenbolone). This is done in order to achieve better results after finishing the course.

On our website you can not only order this drug, but also purchase many other popular and effective in sports practice tablets ranging from fat burners and ending with growth hormone. You can buy Strombaged tablets on our website without doubting the safety of your personal data. We have a reliable protection system which includes a secure SSL connection.

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