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Strong course for weight Anapolone and testosterone Enanthate
Strong course for weight Anapolone and testosterone Enanthate
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Strong course for weight Anapolone and testosterone Enanthate


Immediately it is necessary to say that Anapolone and testosterone Enanthate is considered to be the most powerful oral steroid. This drug, which has the highest anabolic and androgenic properties. Even simple reception of Anapolon solo is able to significantly and quickly increase muscle mass and strength.


Choosing the right dosage


The average dosage for athletes on Anapolon fans is the Balkans, amounting to 1 - 2 tab. per day. The preferred dosage should be based on the total weight of the athlete. If your weight is from 70 to 80 kg., Then try to start the course with half a tablet and in a week go out on 1 tab. every day, a maximum of a week and a half more. With a total weight of 80 - 100 kg., It is desirable to use a dosage of 2 - 2.5 tab. The beginning of the course Anapolone and testosterone Enanthate always begins with one tablet and a week later we go out to 2 tabs. These are average dosages for Anapolon solo and in combination with other anabolic steroids. Note that the dosage in one tablet should be 50 mg.


How to take a course correctly


The course Anapolone and testosterone Enanthate, it is a good option to gain from 5 to 8 kg. muscle mass and significantly increases the strength indicators. This version of the course is offered for amateur athletes, not pros. That is why, the average dosage will not be offered high, with a reference point for the average athlete.

At the reception of the course of Anapolone and testosterone Enanthate, you can well increase muscle mass, and especially those muscles that are subjected to more intense physical exertion.

•Annapolis recommendation of a duration of admission from 4 to 6 weeks, choose the golden mean of 5 weeks. We take Anapolon for 1 tab. every day, for 7 days (one week). Then go to 2 tabs. and take them every day without a pass, exactly 3 weeks

•Testosterone Enanthate - it is desirable to stab 2 times a week, strictly intramuscularly. For this, conventional syringes can be approached for 2 dice or 5 cubes. For 5 weeks, you need to prick 1 cube for 1 time Testosterone Enanthate and so 2 times a week.

In the course itself, or rather, from the middle of the course Anapolone and testosterone Enanthate, Proviron 20 tab. Its reception will help improve the quality of the musculature and reduce estrogenic activity from taking these steroids. And of the course, after 2 weeks, it is necessary to start taking Clomid 20 tab., It is designed to restore the production of their own testosterone after the Anapolone and testosterone Enanthate.

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