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Stud 5000, Stud 5000

Stud 5000
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Stud 5000 for long intimacy 

With age, the representatives of the stronger sex face problems during intimacy. Thus, the pharmacology market was replenished with well known Viagra, as well as with all possible analogs of this drug. Stud 5000 is one of the representatives of the drug for prolonging erection in men. This drug is available in the form of a spray, and due to rapid exposure, the effect of the application is manifested after 5-10 minutes.

Contraindications to the use and effectiveness of the drug

In contrast to similar drugs that are released in the form of tablets, the spray Stud 100 is completely compatible with the intake of alcohol. The difference is that the spray affects the skin tissue, but does not enter the blood, whereas the tablet interacts with the alcohol in the blood vessels. Therefore, taking alcohol to maintain a pleasant atmosphere will not affect the subsequent excitatory function in any way.

Although it should be understood that alcohol itself has a negative effect on the body, and somehow affects the erectile function of men.

Read this before use:

  • As for contraindications, the most important is the intolerance of the active substance with the body.
  • Side effects depends on the sensitivity to the drug.
  • Before applying the drug to its intended use, it is necessary to apply a small amount of spray to the hand and wait for about 10 minutes. The place should be slightly numb, without losing sensitivity. With this result, there is no allergic reaction and the drug is safe to use.

How does Stud 5000 work?

To understand the work of the drug is easier when we remind the principle the erection works. During sexual arousal, the male penis is in a relaxed state. It is due to this condition, the organs of the small pelvis receive a rush of blood and the tissues of the penis are filled with blood forming an erection. The main criterion for the flow of blood and healthy, full-fledged erection is a sufficiently strong blood circulation in the dilated blood vessels. If the vessels are not filled with enough blood, then the erection does not manifest so much, and premature ejaculation occurs. Due to this, the duration of sexual intercourse is significantly reduced. Also, the sensitivity of the penis affects premature ejaculation. A more sensitive penis contributes to a less prolonged sexual intercourse. That's why the tool Stud 5000 significantly reduces the level of sensitivity of the penis and thereby increases the duration of sexual intercourse.

Spray Stud 5000 consists of only one medicinal substance – lidocaine, known for its anesthetic effect. Under the influence of the product, the male erection lasts a long time, premature ejaculation disappears, and the duration of sexual intimacy increases threefold.

Spray Stud100 has a lot of advantages: availability, convenience in use, positive and fast action, the presence of a minimal list of contraindications.

Experts identify several reasons why men start using the spray Stud 5000. The most common is a premature erection, but also a low libido caused by a decline in strength. Even simple stress can cause disruption of sexual function not only in men, but also in women. Some people use this spray as one of the assistants while increasing the duration of sexual contact without any pathological cause. Focusing on reviews, after the first application of an erection and the duration of sex in a man increases several times.

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