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Use Super Zhewitra to continue sexual intimacy

Super Zhewitra is an indispensable drug in the arsenal of men, before the upcoming sexual contact for the extension of sexual intercourse. In a world full of stressful situations, men are prone to the decline of their strength, and as a result, the difficulty of natural stimulation and the absence of premature ejaculation appears.

Super Zhewitra is used to strengthen the erection, increase the endurance of the male reproductive system, prevent and treat premature ejaculation, provide a long and high quality sexual intercourse.

What is Super Zhewitra and how does it work?

Here is some facts about a drug:

  • among many analogues of such drugs in the pharmaceutical market, Super Zhewitra is the best one to correct premature ejaculation;
  • Super Zhewitra is a unique drug that combines two powerful substances – Dapoxetine and Levitra. These active substances have almost identical decay time, as well as similar pharmacokinetics.
  • due to the excellent combination and high quality of the drug, side effects are practically not observed. But the time required for the top of the concentration of Levitra in the body is much shorter than that of its analogs. In fact, it means that this drug acts twice as fast as its "relatives".
  • one of the positive observations can be noted that the concentration of the drug in the blood does not lead to a sharp erection, but gradually dissolving in the body, fills the penis with blood and provides a strong and elastic erection.

Before taking this medication it is necessary to consult a specialist that he would determine the presence of an allergic reaction to the active ingredients of the tablets. It is recommended to refuse to take medicine for men who suffer from hypotension and hypertension, as well as cardiovascular diseases. Due to the fact that the active substances of this drug affect the general condition of such organs as the liver and almost, it is not recommended to take the drug to representatives of the stronger sex with the problems of the above-mentioned organs. Men with lactose intolerance will not be able to take Super Zhewitra.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that Super Zhewitra in its composition does not have harmful substances and properties, which means that the drug does not cause dependence and does not affect the sperm structure. One more advantage of Super Zhewitra is its democratic price.

Method of reception Super Zhewitra

Because of the large range of action of this kind of tablets, namely 28-36 hours a day after taking the drug, they should be taken once every two days. This amount of time provides a quality erection from 5 to 16 times, which on average lasts from 20 to 60 minutes.

One tablet is taken with a lot amount of water 20-30 minutes before the supposed sexual contact. The course of taking the drug is not organic, as is the age of the patients. Although it is recommended to take from the age of 18.

It is important to remember and understand that an overdose can cause severe pain in the temples, dizziness, severe drowsiness and back pain. If you have noticed one of the above side effects – stop taking the drug and consult with a specialist. Taking the drug with any kind of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.

During the course of treatment, you can not take any painkillers and antidepressants and all kinds of medications, which may include nitrates.

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