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Sustamed, Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)

Model: Testosterone Mix 1 ml/250 mg
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10 ampoules
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Sustamed for achieving desired results

Sustamed drug is used not only by bodybuilders. It is in a very high demand among representatives of different kinds of sports. The Sustamed gives very good results in muscle building and stamina improving. Due to the fact of high effectiveness of this remedy it is used by boxers, athletes and even football players. Purchasing medicament from our website the client can be sure that he takes Sustamed directly from the manufacturer. Cases of trading fakes have become incredibly frequent today. You have to be very careful in order to prevent causing harm to your health by taking low-quality fake pharmacy. We recommend you to purchase Sustamed, the price of which is not the lowest on all available databases because of the fact, that a very cheap product is most likely to be a fake, which will not only be absolutely useless, but may also have a bad outcome on your well-being condition.

Sustamed 250 is a essence that is created in an injectable form. This dope has a high anabolic and androgenic index. The active ingredient of this preparation is a sequence of testosterone esters on an oil base. The arrangement of Sustamed includes:

Testosterone decanoate (100 mg);Testosterone phenylpyropionate (60 mg);Testosterone isocaproate (60 mg);Testosterone propionate (30 mg).

The potion accelerates the production of proteins, which contribute to the expeditious expansion of muscle mass. In addition to this, the drug contributes to increasing the body's strengths, while not provoking the backlash of catabolism. After completing the therapy, Sustamed can be found in the blood for four months.

Nowadays many sportsman recognize Sustamed as one of the most profitable  pharmaceutical for speedily brawn array gain.

This is facilitated not only by the feedback that the athlete receives while taking the remedy, but also that the fallout of recoil afterwards consuming the prescription is slightest. This was the direct reason for the very huge popularity of this cure worldwide while seizure a mass-selective cycle.

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The Sustamed in the majority of cases is taken from six to eight weeks, in an amount of 250 to 750 mg per week. Bodybuilders with experience can increase the dosage to 1000 mg per week. However, qualified athletes are highly advised not try to exaggerate the effectiveness of Sustamed by rising the weekly quantity. You should invariably start from taking the lowest dosages. For a course which duration is be eight weeks, you will be able to gain from eight to ten kilograms of meat mass. In order to extend the efficacy of this drug you can combine it with other steroids. Now the following consolidations are famousr: Sustamed + Anapolon; Sustamed + Danabol.

To curtail probable side effects it is approved to employ the supporting mixes: Sustamed + Tamoximed; Sustamed + Proviron; Sustamed + Anastrozole.

Sustamed oppresses the production of own testosterone in human organism. And the larger the measurement and the longer the system of application is, the more its issue is expressed.

The physic should not be taken by adolescents, as well as by female athletes, because in many cases the fallout of virilization happens. However, some women take a hazard and wield this drug. In this situation, the biggest portion should not exceed 250 mg, and the duration of the cycle has not be more than six weeks.

You can constantly obtain Sustamed on our website. Even if this preparation is not available, we will order it directly from the manufacturer as soon as possible and contact you to confirm the order details. Our customers all the time return to our forum again and again with an enviable regularity. We offer you to become one of them and fully appreciate all the advantages of our online store.

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