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Sustaretard 250, Bayer Schering Pharma

Sustaretard 250
Model: Testosterone Mix 1 ml/250 mg
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10 ampoules
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About the drug

Sustaretard 250 is a steroid drug, an exogenous form of the male sex hormone testosterone. Presented in a complex of 4 ethers - from the shortest to the longest. This combination allows you to create the most smooth background of the hormone throughout the course, as well as reduce the frequency of injections (optimally 2 times a week). In general, Sustauretard acts completely identical to natural testosterone or any ester of exogenous testosterone separately.

Sustauretard 250 is a strong steroid drug with high anabolic and androgenic activities.This drug is a derivative of testosterone that positively affects the growth of the body. The increased effect of this steroid is observed almost in every athlete with a competent drawing up of a training plan and observance of a personal diet. Due to the minimal side effect this drug is easily combined with other steroids to achieve the best result in training.

Working and Positive Effects

In medical practice, steroidal agents (testosterone mixtures) similar to this are prescribed mainly for hormone replacement therapy with eunuchoidism, hypopituitarism, post-stress period, endocrine impotence, osteoporosis associated with a lack of androgens, and menopausal menopausal disorders.

Bodybuilders around the world appreciated the effect of this asteroid. Thanks to the use of this drug, there is an extremely rapid growth of muscular fascia, an increase in strength and endurance. It turned out to be effective and got a lot of popularity and distribution. Nowadays, its modern analogues are also in high demand and are used for various tasks. Sports trainers of many respected institutions make training plans based on taking this steroid for most athletes. The positive effects of this drug are very difficult to overestimate. This is the true Holy Grail in the world of bodybuilding.

Effects of using Sustaretard 250:

  • rapid growth of muscle fibers;
  • increase strength and endurance;
  • increased sexual power;
  • strengthening of bone structure;
  • strengthening immunity and resistance to disease;
  • Aromatizes.

Many newcomers can be pleased with the fact that this drug is devoid of many side effects. Its use in minimal doses will not actually harm the body. Buy Sustaretard 250 online. Beware of fakes!

Dosage and Expected Result

Thanks to a competent layout of ethers, you do not have to make too frequent injections of the drug, it is optimal to take Sustaretard 2 times a week. For example, on Monday and Thursday. However, if you do the injections every other day, the background will be even smoother.

Course Susta-retarda 250 lasts 8-10 weeks. The course needs to control the level of estradiol by taking hormonal tests. At a high level of this hormone, you need to start taking an aromatase inhibitor (anastrozole). Effective dosages of the drug - 250-500 mg for beginners and 500-1000 mg for athletes with experience in the use of pharmacology.

Athletes rarely leave negative reviews about Sustauretard 250, because the drug is most naturally perceived by the male body. Athletes distinguish a significant increase in muscle mass and strength, as well as an extremely beneficial effect on the joints and ligaments.

This preparation is especially good for beginners - this is an ideal solution for the first year, this is proven once again by reviews of Sustaretard 250 beginners. The main thing, do not forget about the competently built up diet and training. Pharmacology does not in any way replace these two most important components of progress. When preparing the course, remember that very small doses of the drug will not bring the expected result, and exceeding the dose can lead to negative results. Buy Sustaretard 250 online and reach the highest result in training!

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