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Sustaver contains 4 various types of the male hormone testosterone:

·Decanoate - one hundred milligrams.

·Isocaproate - sixty miligrams.

·Phenylpropionate - sixty miligrams.

·Propionate - thirty miligrams.

Usually the medication provides an athlete with extremely perfect pump and good quality of the muscle mass, as well as gives an excellent power and strength. Use of Sustaver Vermodje usually does not cause side effects, as the level in the blood of testosterone rises slowly. For this reason, Sustaver has almost no side effects, including. Do not provoke and fluid retention. All these features make Sustaver the desired steroid for every athlete interested in development of solid foundation as well as a set of quality muscle mass.

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Who And How Can Take Sustaver Correctly


Usually, athletes take Sustaver at normal dosages started from two hundred fifty and ended with five hundred miligrams per week or even more. Usually atheletes rule, combine Sustaver Vermodje using anti-estrogen drugs called Proviron, Tamoxifen. Women also can buy and use Sustaver, to gain the mass of muscules. Sustaver could be taken in combination with such drugs in order to make the result improvement.

·Winstrol - for relief, burning of the fat cells as well as drying of a muscles.

·Nadrolon - in order to increase the set of the muscle mass.

These drugs will help to reduce the side effect and significantly improve your results

The preparation contains several components in the selected proportions, more precisely 60 mg testosterone phenylpropionate and isocaproate, 100 mg testosterone decanoate, 30 mg testosterone propionate. For which such a complex component was created, testosterone itself is active in the body for a very short time. And with such proportions SUSTAVER works for a long time.

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After the injection of the drug, the work of the drug begins almost instantaneously and at the same time constantly keeps a sufficient level of hormones in the blood the result will not make you wait long. In medicine, it is used to treat a variety of diseases; mainly it is prescribed to children who have retarded growth and muscular development. It is thanks to this effect that he was recognized in the world of sports, he gives the athlete the opportunity to increase his strength, endurance and reduce psychological stress. Athletes share their impressions that when the course of taking the drug is passed, they forget about fatigue after training and this gives them the opportunity to make every exercise more effective than the previous one, and the load on the joints decreases. In the SUSTAVER there is a side effect, it is flavored even at small doses, but it is fixable.

There are special after-course drugs that remove the side effect, so-called anti-estrogen drugs, Proviron-ver as well as Tamoxfen them will be quite enough. When you receive Susustara, might feel amazing, having a sense of well-being, as well as the great desire to have sex is normal, since the basis is testosterone. During a reception of this drug in your organism, the special interaction begins to occur that gradually has a positive effect on you, rather than such drugs individually as Testosterone enanthate, Cypionate or Propionate.

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