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T-400 is a mixture of testosterone, which has the greatest amount of steroid concentrate per 1 ml of oil. T-400 is a mixture of active testosterones: propionate, cypionate, enanthate.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the T-400 is available in the form of injections, which are quite painful themselves.

·The added testosterone continues the activity of the steroid. And in order to achieve such unheard-of before the concentration of testosterone, the amount of alcohol in the solution was increased. Just for testosterone to eventually dissolve.

·Also, it is worth noting that much better concentration of testosterone works on an oil basis with an increase in alcohol, otherwise the effect would not be so powerful.

·But the presence of alcohol in the drug still has some negative consequences, and above all it is the biting solution and the soreness of its introduction into the body.

·Some athletes assert that during the intake they have to dilute the drug with other agents with a lower concentration.

·Although those athletes who want to achieve maximum results and do not pay attention to soreness achieve the best result.

But it is interesting that the drug in its composition has a mixture of ethers that act quickly and moderately. And the effect of taking this drug is not worse than the effect of taking testosterone. Testosterone has long been positioning itself as the best drug for building muscle mass, and the T-400 is not inferior to this indicator. And even on the contrary, it keeps the brand and strengthens the gain of muscle mass.

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And if you're talking about a mixture of testosterone, then you just need to remember that testosterone naturally is a strong androgen androgen. This is why, in addition to good results athlete should be ready to the presence of side effects. Side effects include fluid retention in the body, increased fat layer, as well as the presence of acne, oily skin and hair loss. These side effects can be avoided if you take an auxiliary drug together with a mixture of testosterone. However, many athletes refuse this, wanting to build muscle. This kind of "refusal" of the auxiliaries is relevant until side effects are more aggressive.

As for taking the drug and dosage, no difficulties should arise. The drug is administered every 7-10 days in the mentioned quantities.

400-800 mg per injection should be normal. The normal course of admission lasts 6-12 weeks, depending on the goals and manifestations of side effects. The number of weeks announced by the manufacturers in the course is enough to get relief muscles and gain a qualitative increase in muscle mass.

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We don’t have any information about fakes, because to forge such a concentration of testosterone is simply impossible. You can but the Testosterone mix directly on this website. The delivery is possible everywhere. Feel free to contact our consultation department in order to buy this medication online and achieve the strongest possible effect soon.

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