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Model: tamoxifen 1 tab/20 mg
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20 Tablets
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Tamoximed is an effective antiestrogenic drug, that prevents the absorption of estrogen by receptors. This medicament has achieved worldwide popularity because of its quick results, minimize possible side effects. Tamoxifen is a sex hormone, normalizing testosterone production.


The use of steroids causes an increase in the concentration level of estrogen. Due to all these factors changes, that are specific to a woman's body, occur. Tamoximed used to avoid fluid retention in the epithelium, lowers the entire effect of estrogen without inhibiting the aromatization process. Therefore, it is recommended using together with Proviron and during diets because it has an auxiliary effect on the fat-burning process.






· excellent muscle mass;


·fast weight loss.


The cost of such drugs at the market is not the lowest. Therefore, while buying such type drugs, contact trusted stores, which have proven themselves from the positive side. We offer all customers only original products at an affordable price. Tamoxifen, purchased from us will be of high quality.  We directly cooperate with Balcan Pharmaceuticals for providing top-notch medicaments at most reasonable prices. Not to economize on your health by purchasing low-cost drugs. To avoid possible side effects and protect your organism from the various negative influences of such medicament, to be stick to the dosage.


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