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Producer: Golden Dragon
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About the drug

Testoged-P is an injectable steroid manufactured by Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals (Hong Kong). The active chemical of the drug is testosterone propionate.

When taking testosterone propionate, athletes have the following effects: muscle growth, weight gain, improved muscle relief, increased strength and endurance, fat burning cells, exaggerated libido.

The main difference between testosterone propionate from the widely consumed in bodybuilding testosterone enanthate in its short term. This is the direct disadvantage of this remedy compared to long-acting medicaments.

Working and Positive Outcomes

Testoged-P have such issues with proper application:

  • First, the hike in meat array;
  • Secondly, the rise in strength;
  • Third, improve the relief and raise the stiffness of the muscles;
  • Fourth, pronounced fat burning repercussion;
  • Fifth, enhanced libido during the therapy;
  • Sixth, lower risk of coronary heart disease and ischemia.


Testosterone became the first medicine to be synthesized by scientists. This event happened a very long time ago, namely in the 30s. Today in sport testosterone containing dopes are managed very actively, comprising propionate. This is largely due to the great efficiency of these potions, but it's also not worth forgetting about the attractive cost of Testoged-P. The molecule of this pharmacy completely coincides with the endogenous male hormone, which explains the excellent acceptance of AAC by the body.

Buy Testoged-P online in our web store and start building your perfect body.

Recall that Testoged-P from Euro Prime Farmaceuticals is a short drug and on the system you have to do frequent injections. In comparison with long anabolics, propionate is not able to actively retain liquid in the body. In consolidation with powerful fat burning properties, this ability of the physic also predetermined the scope of its handle in sports.

Dosage and Expected Result

Testosterone propionate is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and begins to act. To feel the work of a essence is fashionable after the first getting. But its ramificationt is not very durable. Therefore, the dope must be administered at least once every two days. Optimal application of testosterone propionate daily for 50-100 mg will be optimal.

To achieve greater fallouts, testosterone propionate is mixed with other pills. With a biweekly intake of 100 mg of testosterone propionate and 50 mg of stanozolol plus 30 mg of methandienone regularly, awesome backlashes are reached in brawn gaining. When building a huger trait meat array exploited: 100 mg of testosterone propionate and 50 mg of parabolan every two days, 50 mg of stanozolol and 25 oxandrolones daily. For dehydrating, you can accept a amalgamation of 50 mg testosterone propionate and 30 mg stanozolol daily. When adding drugs there is a synergistic reaction, thanks which steroids stamina each other's work.

Testoged-P is capitalize not only by men, but also by women. To avoid lateral corrolaries sportsmen swell the breaks between seizure a steroid. This prevents the gathering of androgens in the body. Therefore, women take 30-50 mg of the pharmaceutical every 5-8 days and reach magnificent issues. Steroid therapy in women should not exceed 8 weeks. In somе special cases, personal intolerance of the drug may occur. In this case, athletes should consult with a doctor before starting a course of taking steroids. The benefits are obvious: buy Testoged-P online and get the best quality at an affordable price. Do not exceed the dosage set by your doctor and do not mix different asteroids that are incompatible.

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