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Testosterone Propionate, Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)

Testosterone Propionate
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Testosterone Propionate is the third testosterone ester. The drug is not very popular, but it does not mean that it is ineffective. On the contrary, the drug is not worse than other similar drugs, and by many of its qualities it is far ahead of other esters of testosterone.

The main differences of propionate from enanthate and cypionate

·The difference number one - the duration of the action. Unlike drugs that have a long period of action, propionate, when getting into the human organism begins its activity immediately. This fact gives propionate an advantage over a number of other drugs in the form of an accelerated period of application.

·The difference number two - the drug is much less conducive to the accumulation of fluid in the body, therefore gained during the course is much better, and the period of "drying" after the course is much less.

·Difference number three - the drug has accumulated in itself all the best qualities of the first two testosterone esters. The drug has a large androgenic index, which allows after the first week of its using see significant noticeable results that are manifested in the increase in muscle mass, strength and appetite. Also, athletes have noted the fact that energy is reserved better and the desire to train increase significantly.

Method of use and dosage of the Testosterone Propionate

The optimal dosage for inexperienced athletes is equal to 50-100 mg per one injection. In addition, experienced athletes recommend taking testosterone enanthate (250 mg) together with propionate (50 mg). In the case of the decreasing of testosterone concentration in the blood, sportsmen should continue taking testosterone propionate in an amount of 50 mg once every two days. After restoration of the normal testosterone level in the blood, the use of the drug is not necessary. The highest possible result can be achieved with regular use of the drug and moderate dosages. As it was mentioned above, to achieve more effective result, long-acting drugs can be used. In this case less water accumulates in the body in comparison with the case of simultaneous use of long-acting injections.


With which drugs Testosterone Propionate can be combined?

Testosterone propionate can be combined with such anti-estrogen drugs as Provimed, Anastrozole, TAMOXIMED, which will help to avoid possible side effects. Moany athletes combineTestosterone propionate with such anabolic drugs as Nandrolone decanoate, Danabol or Anapolon. It is very effective to use Strobafort, Oxandrolone, Trenbolone together with it too. Daily compound that consists of 50 mg of Testosterone propionate and 50 mg of Strombafort gives excellent effects in fat burning. The highest effect in the muscle growth is achieved when users combine Testosterone propionate with Nandrolone or Anadrol. Methandienone is a classic compound for athletes for a long time, and it constantly provides an impressive gain of muscle mass. Steroid beginners should accurately adhere to the dosage and constantly use such anti-estrogens as Novaldex, Proviron or Clomid.

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