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Testosterone Propionate, Malay Tiger (Malaysia)

Testosterone Propionate
Model: testosterone propionate 100mg/ 1ml
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10 ampoules
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Generally Speaking About the Medication

Schering was the very first manufacturer who ever made the Testosterone Propionate. Thanks to Schering, this medication quickly won possible highest position onto marketplace. By nineteenth-fifties, Testosterone Propionate was not the only one including the same pharmaceutical properties. An ability of the Testosterone Propionate to make men even stronger brought millions of happy customers to manufacturer.

How Does Testosterone Propionate Act?

The medication has an outstanding efficiency in increasing androgency: it rules as a stimulation of the functions ruled by the genital organs. Usually this medication takes an active role in the shaping of whole organism and muscles as well as men's activity in the sexual field, leads to increasing of the overall sexual functioning. Testosterone Propionate decreases an amount convinced by lute tropic hormones that stimulating hair growth. The effect of the medication is controversial to efficiency of estrogens. This medication also has an anabolic impact that you can see in quality. it stimulates the  processes of the development of protein. Reduction of fatty deposits might be observed. The substance necessary for the bones building fixes directly, the muscle mass increases. For better efficiency eat food containing significant protein amount.

Let’s See Description Given to Medication Profile of Testosterone Propionate

The medication stays active for 24 to 48 hours. It could obtain the classification as anabolic or androgenic steroid. The form of appliance is injections. For women the dosages are decreased twice. There may be acne if the person has predisposition to it. You can observe slight water retention. The blood pressure can be raised up if you exceed the dosage. The medication is low-toxic for the liver. It is highly aromatic. The level of the natural testosterone production can be obviously decreased. Converting dehydrotestosterone is possible. The doping test can detect this medication up to four weeks.

What may you experience while taking the Testosterone Propionate?

  • The significant growth of the muscle mass can be experienced;
  • You will get rid of the extra fat mass;
  • Your body will become more rigid and embossed;
  • Your power will increase several times
  • You will experience an increase in the sexual function;
  • The risk of the heart disease will be reduced;
  • How to apply this medication.

What might women do?

Testosterone propionate is almost not risky for women. Vary the dosage from twenty-five to fifty milligrams and do not forget that this medication can be applied only if you have some prescription for it.

Some instructions for men:

For men the dosage varies from 100 to 200 milligrams as well. You might take it daily in order to observe some effect. Dose could increase mass of the muscles several times. Testosterone Propionate can also be used for the body drying

Some Side Effects That You May Experience

Men can experience the following side effects when using testosterone: it manifest itself as alopecia, increased hair growth among the body and face, greasiness of the face skin, acne.

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