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Testover Propionat
Testover Propionat
Producer: Vermodje SRL
Model: 10ml/100mg
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Testover Propionat


Testover P is a great testosterone medication from Vermodje SRL, which is characterized by a gentle action for the body and rapid elimination. The drug belongs to a group of drugs that can be used even before the competition - they are poorly detectable on doping tests.

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Testover Propionat - characteristics


According to the chemical composition, Testover Propionat refers to testosterone esters - testosterone, which is dissolved in an oily base and is intended for injection into the body. To testosterone, a propynate-type ester from the beta-hydroxyl group is added to this particular preparation. The substance has a sufficiently high anabolic and androgenic activity with an anabolic activity index of one. The drug is aromatized and as a result of metabolic reactions passes into the form of dihydrotestosterone, therefore it has a number of pronounced side effects. Greasy skin, acne, hair loss, and when exceeding the recommended dosage - gynecomastia. As positive side effects, we can note an increase in libido, a reduction in the risk of coronary heart disease, burning of subcutaneous fat.

Testosterium propionate is used for the period of enhanced drying and increasing the structure of muscle tissue. With this substance you will earn yourself an excellent relief in the shortest possible time. In comparison with other esters, testosterone accumulates fluid in tissues to a much lesser extent and, due to propionate, it acts almost instantly.

·In one or two days you will feel a surge of energy, increased appetite, elevated mood and increased psychological tone.

·The ideal product for the price-quality ratio, which makes it attractive for beginners and experienced athletes.

·The maximum concentration reaches 12-36 hours, after which the concentration decline begins. Dosage, based on the above - an injection every two days, which is the only inconvenience in use.

· Testosterium propionate at the most favorable price for Ukraine and CIS from the manufacturer Vermodje SRL you can on our site. Testosterus is suitable for the widest range of sports, but it is most effective in bodybuilding, power lifting and other power sports, especially in weightlifting.

Testover Propionate, whose side effects directly depend on compliance with this dosage, is one of the best esters of testosterone. The most common negative effect, according to users' reviews, is an acne. Also, high blood pressure can be observed with a sharp increase in loads and doses.

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Testosterium propionate – information


The history of this drug is more than 80 years old and began in the distant 30s of the 20th century. At one time this drug was a real breakthrough in pharmaceuticals, and until the 60s this drug was generally considered the only known testosterone ester in the world. Despite the development of more modern modifications such as testosterone enanthate, cypionate does not lose its relevance and relevance. He won fame and trust as one of the best drugs among athletes for drying and the preparatory stage of the competition.

Buying goods on our website, you can count on excellent quality, direct deliveries from the manufacturer, fast delivery and high-level service. To buy Testover Propionate at the best price in Ukraine, you can contact us, by contacting our consultants, available on any day of the week.

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