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Thaiger Pharma (Thailand)

Thaiger Pharma 


Thaiger Pharma: detailed description

Full name: Thaiger Pharma Group

Country of origin: Hong Kong (China)

Official website (in English): thaiger-pharma.com

Product Authentication: thaiger-ok.com

Thaiger Pharma is a Chinese manufacturer focused on the development and manufacture of oral steroids (tablets) and parenteral (injection) applications. The company positions itself in the quality of a supplier of sports products, as evidenced by its work with many topical as doping active substances: from testosterone propionate to trenbolone enanthate.

The year of the company establishment is 2007. The main office of the manufacturer is based in Hong Kong, research and manufacturing facilities are located in Thailand.


The Quality of The Products


According to Thaiger Pharma's own assurances (Hong Kong), the development and release of branded products are carried out in accordance with international quality standards, such as




The full descriptions of these alliterations are Good Laboratory Practice, Good Clinical Practice and Good Manufacturing Practice, respectively. For enterprises that create medicines, food, food additives, their ingredients, as well as a variety of diagnostic products and medical devices.

Important: the company recently rebranded (packaging was updated, the product range was expanded and the dosage of existing items was changed, which is why the anabolic-androgen steroids of the old batches presented in our online store differ from its current line of AAS.

Like any self-respecting manufacturer, Thaiger Pharma has foreseen a system to protect its products from counterfeits. The products contain verification codes, which, in order to confirm the authenticity, must be entered on a special page of the official website at thaiger-ok.com.

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