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Trenbolone Acetate + Sustanon, Course of steroids

Trenbolone Acetate + Sustanon
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About the drug

Today, more and more well-deserved popularity is acquired already prepared courses of steroids, each of which is already known in the sports environment. One of the excellent and proven in practice by many athletes is a successful combination of drugs Trenbolone acetate, Sustanon and Clomid after the course.

Both powerful injectable anabolics work well to build up dry muscles in pure form with minimal water content, especially fat. The course of trenbolone acetate + sustanon 250 is usually done according to the standard scheme. Dosages of drugs in it are designed for bodybuilders and siloviki of medium level. Joint reception of means allows to add solid musculature, while simultaneously developing strength and endurance. Provided that planned effective training and a balanced sports nutrition in practice, you can increase your muscles up to 5 kg per course with Clomid.

Working and Positive Effects 

Beginners, pros, all those who lead a healthy lifestyle and strive to improve their body condition on the eve of the next summer beach season, always want to know about the specific effects that Trenbolone Acetate + Sustanon will give. The combination of drugs gives the following results:

  • Restorative therapy with drugs
  • Addition of solid muscles in a short period of time;
  • Good recovery between intensive training sessions
  • Fewer subcutaneous fat.

If on the course you follow the standard scheme of taking Trenbolone Acetate, Sustanon and Clomid, you will not encounter the phenomenon of gynecomastia and aromatization.

Dosage and Expected Result

Strong Trenbolone Acetate is advised to stab in a day, but this dosage is more serious, we will use minimal and effective. This will allow you to avoid all possible side effects and get a noticeable result. The drug should be administered intramuscularly 2 ml. in Week. Days for injection Monday 1 ml. and Thursday 1 ml. thus we continue 5 weeks. Sustanon 250 intramuscular injection as well, we will apply 2 times a week for 1 ml. Days for injections Tuesday 1 ml. and Friday 1 ml. so we continue exactly 5 weeks. This is the standard scheme for taking medications for amateur athletes.

Clomid is applied 3 weeks after the termination of the main course of steroids. The reception of Clomid lasts 20 days, 1 tablet everyday.

The suggested course includes preparations: Trenbolone Acetate 10 ml. + Sustanon 10 ml. + Clomid 20 tab.

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