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Trenbolone acetate + testosterone Enanthate + Winstrol
Trenbolone acetate + testosterone Enanthate + Winstrol
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Trenbolone acetate + testosterone Enanthate + Winstrol


About the drug

The course of steroids Trenbolone acetate + testosterone Enanthate + Winstrol is more suitable for athletes who like to use lighter steroids and conclude that it's time to move on to more effective courses. After taking a single oral drug solo it is almost impossible to achieve good performance when typing beautiful muscles.

More experienced athletes put the advantage of using several steroids in one course. This allows you to reduce the daily dosage for each drug and get a pretty good effect by increasing the work of one steroid with another. This is the basic rule of any course.

Also, the combination of drugs for mass and drying in the right ratio often gives good results in a set of really clean muscle mass, without delaying fluid and fat. Correctly selected drugs will help remove fat deposits and better isolate the relief. The great advantage of this course, this high potential for the preservation of the results obtained, is perhaps one of the main points of any course.


Working and Positive Effects


Course on drying and quality Trenbolone + Enanthate + Winstrol characteristics:

·A significant increase in strength indicators is 25-35%;

·A marked increase in endurance and ability to work;

·Increase in quality musculature, approximately 4 - 6 kg;

·Minimum fluid retention and aromatization processes;

·Visible effect of gradual drying and improvement of relief;

·An apparent increase in venous all over the body;

·No need for antiestrogen therapy on and after the course;

·Rapid recovery after heavy exercise and training.


Dosage and Expected Result


The proposed course includes Trenbolone acetate injectable steroid on an oil base, rapid disintegration. This drug quickly turns into work, but also quickly and loses its potential. It helps to significantly increase the strengths and is the base steroid in the set of dry muscle mass. Namely, this fact forces us to use this anabolic at least 3 times a week for 100 mg. for 1 injection. The drug is strictly intramuscular and never is intravenous. Keep in the fridge is not necessary!

Testosterone Enanthate is an injectable steroid on an oily basis, administered strictly intramuscularly on an average of 2 times a week for 1 dice per time.

Winstrol is a powdered preparation already diluted with special water for injections (in the ampoule everything is ready, you do not need to plant anything). Often used for intensive drying, but mainly in the pre-competitive period. Helps to significantly dry and bring muscle mass into an ideal look. The drug is more able to increase strength, endurance, venous and relief, but the muscle mass builds up in a minimal amount. Recommendations for using Winstrol for the average athlete, this is 50 mg. in a day three times per week.

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